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Heretic II


Activate Cheat Mode

To activate the cheat mode, press ~ and type in one of the following codes for the desired effect.

angermonstersAll Monsters Get Angry
suckitdown staffCycle staff upgrade level (1,2,3)
suckitdown allGet all useful items
weapnextGo to Next Weapon
weapprevGo to Previous Weapon
playbetterGod Mode
suckitdown armor (x2)Gold Armor
victorKill all Monsters and Bosses
meatwagonKill All Monsters but No Bosses
changelevelLevel select
crazymonstersMake Monsters Go Crazy
suckitdownhealthMax Health
suckitdown manaMax Offensive and Defensive Mana
kiwiNo-Clip Mode
suckitdown lungsRefills time bar for staying under water
showcoordsShow Coordinates
suckitdown armorSilver Armor
aquaticapeToggle targeting
suckitdown powerupTome of Power power-up
suckitdown chickenTurn into a Chicken

Contributed By: A B C, metroid fan 2002, and freakunique.