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Misc. Codes

Press Enter, then enter the following codes and press Enter again.

lookunderthehoodGame Editor (press F12)
alreadydeadInfinite HP
GODSUBZEROInfinite Ice Arrows
ALCHEMYInfinite money
gimmesomegrubMore Food
potionsnlotionsMore Potions
NOAMNESIARaise HP, Mana, Stamina
ABRACADABRASpells and Infinite Mana
dummiesTurn of enemy AI

Contributed By: Sappy, cutefunnyguy, and Dex15.


Defeat Jong's dummy

Go to Jong's.Once your there press enter and type in ALREADYDEAD so you can have infinite life,mana , and stamina.Get close to the dummy and keep pressing A so you will keep tackling him.Keep tapping and he will vanish when he losses all his HP.

Contributed By: Dex15.

Easy leveling up

Go to Jong's place.Press enter and type in NAHKRANOTH so you can kill him in a hit.Ask him to spar with you. Everytime you attack him you will gain a level up.Press ''end sparring lesson'' when you want to stop.

Contributed By: Dex15.