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Myth II: Soulblighter


Access all levels

At the main menu, hold down shift as you click "new game". All of the normal levels will be unlocked.

Note: when you quit your game, only the levels that you actually played will remain on the list.

Contributed By: GeeHyram.

Myth 2 Cheats

Enter while playing a mission.

Ctrl, Alt, and -Instant Lose
Ctrl, Alt, and +Instant Win

Contributed By: Tacyon.


Extra Units

While playing a level, press the enter key then enter the password.

flamingarch10 extra Archers with 10 Flame Arrows each
myrock5 extra Mycridias
ENEMYROCKPlay as the enemy (Enter at the Main Screen)

Contributed By: Tacyon.

Easter Eggs

Hidden level

To play the level "A Long Awaited Drinking Party", you must play through the level "Down a Broken Path" until you cross the stream. When you reach the other side of the stream, head north instead of south until you reach a large body of water. There will be a rock in the water with three frogs sitting on it. Have your dwarf throw a molotov at the frogs and kill them. Then head south to Tallow and complete the mission. When you complete the mission, you will automatically begin the secret level instead of the next mission.

Contributed By: GeeHyram.