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News Articles from GameSpot

EverQuest Gets Its 22nd Expansion 11/17/15
EverQuest: Rain of Fear - Launch Trailer 11/28/12
EverQuest - Hero's Forge Trailer 08/15/12
A Living Legend - EverQuest Trailer 04/17/12
EverQuest Free to Play Launch Trailer 03/16/12
Start/Select - PS4 vs. Xbox 720, Christians vs. The Old Republic 01/31/12
EverQuest going free-to-play in early March 01/30/12
EverQuest Next taking inspiration from Star Trek movie reboot 10/17/11
Start/Select - EverQuest and Rift get awards, Daytona gets Karaoke mode 10/13/11
EverQuest honored at GDC Online awards 10/12/11
Still no window for SOE games to return 05/04/11
SOE accounts, credit card info compromised 05/02/11
PSN intrusion brings down SOE games, websites 05/02/11
Sony Online lays off hundreds, cancels Agency 03/31/11
How to run a massively multiplayer game 10/08/10
Global MMORPG revs hit $5 billion in 2009 - Study 08/12/10
Sony Online Entertainment hit with layoffs 07/15/10
Visually impaired gamer sues Sony Online 11/06/09
Sony, Blizzard, Activision, NCsoft, Turbine named in patent suit 09/18/09
SOE sends 41 staff packing 07/17/09
SOE trademarks hint at new EQ, EQII expansions 06/17/09
EverQuest Evercracked Trailer 06/11/09
EverQuest 10-Year Montage Video 03/17/09
EverQuest turns 10 03/16/09
San Diego declares March 16 'Sony Online Entertainment Day' 03/06/09
SOE picks up Steam, Tucson studio 01/20/09
Is gold farming a $1 billion market? 08/22/08
EQ, EQII expand again this fall 08/15/08
SOE folded into SCE, Landau exits 03/13/08
Arad going on EverQuest 10/09/07
SOE unveils online EverQuest CCG 08/03/07
EverQuest celebrates birthday with $20 megapack 03/16/07
Shippin' Out 2/12-2/16: Ratchet & Clank PSP, Wii Play 02/13/07
Buried Sea expands EverQuest 01/17/07
Shippin' Out: 9/18-9/22: Okami, Pokemon, Godfathers, Xbox Vision camera 09/18/06
SOE DVD bundled with MMO mag debut 07/18/06
EverQuest to grow Serpent's Spine 07/11/06
Carmack, Meier, Lara make the Walk of Game 03/17/06
Q&A: SOE's Raph Koster 02/14/06
The Era of Connected Gaming Panel Discussion 02/09/06
EverQuest goes Titanium 12/13/05
Sid Meier, John Carmack walk the Walk 11/16/05
ChartSpot: September 2005 11/01/05
EverQuest, EverQuest II expanded 09/14/05
Spot On: Virtual gaming's elusive exchange rates 08/05/05
Sony announces EverQuest: Depths of Darkhollow 06/15/05
Spot On: Virtual economies break out of cyberspace 05/06/05
SOE planning new action MMO game 04/27/05
When does online-game fervor become addiction? 02/18/05
EverQuest expands with Omens of War 09/14/04
EverQuest: Omens of War Impressions - First Look 09/07/04
EverQuest II German and French beta tests open 09/07/04
EverQuest: Gates of Discord Review: 6.8 / 10 03/22/04
EverQuest celebrates fifth birthday 03/15/04
EverQuest designer joins Sigil Games Online 03/09/04
Gates of Discord swing open 02/09/04
Ubisoft signs Gates of Discord for Europe 02/09/04
EverQuest upgrading to DX9 02/05/04
EverQuest: Gates of Discord announced 12/17/03
EverQuest: Lost Dungeons of Norrath Review: 7.1 / 10 10/14/03
EQ: Lost Dungeons of Norrath out 09/09/03
EverQuest expansion to include bonus in-game item 07/17/03
European VAT tax goes into effect 07/02/03
EverQuest: Lost Dungeons of Norrath Q&A 06/26/03
EverQuest launches for the Mac 06/23/03
EverQuest: Lost Dungeons of Norrath announced 06/16/03
New EverQuest expansion coming 06/12/03
Sony Online Debuts All Access Service 05/15/03
EverQuest gets portable 11/13/02
Sony Online ships EQ Gold 11/05/02
EverQuest adds new zone, UI improvements 07/29/02
EverQuest strategy game in the works 07/18/02
EverQuest heads to the Mac 07/17/02
Allied Assault overtakes Diablo II 06/24/02
EverQuest hits the road 06/21/02
E3 2002: EverQuest Gold Edition, EverQuest Atlas announced 05/23/02
EverQuest II announced 05/01/02
New EverQuest game in the works? 04/23/02
EverQuest heads to Amsterdam 04/04/02
Games to get warning labels? 04/02/02
Sony hikes EverQuest rates 03/25/02
EverQuest turns 3, newbies get a break 03/15/02
EverQuest tabletop game announced 03/14/02
EverQuest Legends Q&A 02/19/02
Premium EverQuest service unveiled 02/01/02
EverQuest heads to Asia 01/23/02
Sigil Games Online formed 01/23/02
Brad McQuaid interview 01/11/02
EverQuest creators found new game studio 01/09/02
Windows 95 EverQuest players get refund 12/18/01
Play as a monster in EverQuest 11/07/01
Brad McQuaid leaves Sony Online 10/12/01
Sony launches role-playing EverQuest server 10/08/01
EverQuest game cards available 10/02/01
EverQuest: Trilogy now available 09/17/01
EverQuest heads to Europe 09/04/01
The world of EverQuest expands 08/29/01
Sony announces EverQuest: Trilogy 05/07/01
EverQuest price drops 04/03/01
EverQuest's second birthday 03/16/01
EverQuest 11/20/00
Play EverQuest Offline 02/07/00
EverQuest Review: 8.4 / 10 04/02/99
EverQuest: One Week Later 03/23/99
EverQuest or NeverQuest? 03/22/99
EverQuest Goes Live 03/16/99
Everquest Preorders Strong 03/08/99
EverQuest Date Set 01/13/99
EverQuest Preview 02/04/98