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Battlezone II: Combat Commander


Cheat Codes

At any time during the game, press CTRL + ~ and the cheat menu should appear. Then type these codes and press enter:

game.cheat bzviewComsat Links
game.cheat bzeditor. Then press ctrl+E.Game Editor
game.cheat bztntInfinite Ammo
game.cheat bzfreeInfinite Pilots
game.cheat bzbodyInfinite Shields
game.cheat bzwinnerInstant Mission Completion (1.2 or higher patch)
game.cheat bzradarShow All Units
ai.winmissionWin Single player mission

Contributed By: Mike Truitt, icekid, KasketDarkfyre, Autoflagd, and Shorty Hacker.

Continue ISDF

When you remove Pashada Burns from the rubble of the dropship in Fanning the fire (presumably the last level of ISDF) you'll continue to the scion campaings. To continue with the ISDF create a new pilot called 'PLAY ISDF'.

To go straight to the scion levels create a new player called 'Play Scion'

Contributed By: Commander Manson.


Infinite site camera

Activate site camera and eject from vehicle. This gives you infinite site camera.To turn this off, activate site camera after getting into another vehicle and you will return to normal vision.

Contributed By: Unknownknightoflifre.