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Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace



During gameplay press the Backspace key and type in the following:

60fps60 fps frame rate
i like to cheatAll Weapons
iampanakaCaptain Panaka
beyond cinemaCinematic, letterbox mode
but i feel so goodDark Force Power
oldcodeDebug mode
turntablesDisable All Cheats
naughty naughtyFirst Person View
give me healthFull health (up to 5 times)
heal it upFull health (up to 5 times)
i rule the worldIncreased difficulty
i really stinkLower difficulty mode
i really stinkmakes the game easier
i rule the worldmakes the game harder
happyMissile Launcher
perfectionNever miss with lightsaber
iamobiObi-Wan Kenobi
from aboveOverhead view
iamqueenQueen Amidala
iamquigonQui-Gon Jinn
slowmoSlow motion mode
fpsView frame rate
rexWire frame menus
perfWire frame view

Contributed By: Nieffed, freakunique, Qtmario, matt91486, birdieball, phatbass, CdrHawkeye, and Icknay.