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Grandia II Anniversary Edition


GOG Achievements

This title has a total of 36 Achievements on GOG. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

Defeat the Egg GuardianAll Cracked Up
Defeat Zera ValmarAmateur Lepidopterist
Defeat Valmar's CoreBad Apple
Find the Coral, Demon, Forbear, Friends, Pretty, and Rune NecklacesBling
Add Mareg to the PartyBloodhound
Defeat MelficeBrotherly Love
Defeat Valmar's ClawClaw Your Way to the Top
Max all abilities in a Mana EggEgg Farmer
Max all abilities in a Skill BookEncyclopedia
Defeat Valmar's EyeEye See You
Change a character's outfit during combat (Weapon, Accessory & Mana Egg)Fashionista
Kill 1000 Monsters across all playthroughsGeohounded
Kill 2000 Monsters across all playthroughsGeohunted
Level UpGrowth Spurt
Escort Elena to Garmia TowerGuard for Hire
Win an arm wrestling boutGun Show
Defeat the Heart of ValmarHe Has One?
Defeat the Body of ValmarHot Body
Defeat Melfice with only Ryudo delivering damageIt's a Family Thing
Add Roan to the PartyMore Than He Could Chew
Grab 24 nuts in the Hut of TrialsNut Grabber
Find the Exorcism Bow in Demon's LawOld Priest, Young Priest
Find Roan's missing medalOn the Podium
Have 250,000 gold at one timePenny Pincher
Complete Grandia II with difficulty on Hard the whole timeProfessional Lepidopterist
Find the Black, Heracles, and Sonic beltsPut a Notch in It
Add Tio to the PartyReprogrammed
Have a party made up of Level 10 or greater charactersRyudo, Party of 10?
Have a party made up of Level 25 or greater charactersRyudo, Party of 25?
Have a party made up of Level 50 or greater charactersRyudo, Party of 50?
Add Millenia to the PartySpicy Lady
Defeat Valmar's TongueTasty Freeze
Add Elena to the PartyThe Bodyguard
Find Elmo in the Birthplace of the GodsVisited Elmo's World
Drink 100 PotionsWeekend Bender
Congratulations! You pressed the X button. It doesn't do anything... or does it? No, it doesn't.X Marks the Spot

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.