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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night


File Name passwords

Enter in the password as your file name when starting a New Game

TEAMFAT"A Kinda Funny Mask"
Egoraptor"Hey I'm Grump"
Grumps"I'm Not So Grump"
BIGHEADBig Head Mode
JEPSONClockwork Blade
ALPHAOMEGASINDarkness Descends
DUNGEONITEDungeonite Sword
TheSpeedGamersFinal Hour - Weapon
8MEGAPOWERGame Sack Strip
EGGFARMGuardian Egg Helm
Jarvis MeowerMega64 Helmet
swimmingbirdPlague Doctor Face
chuggaaconroySpace Helmet
NIGHTMAREUnlock Hard/Nightmare modes from the begining.

Contributed By: SHINE GET 64, BlankTheKnight, and Hirotenkai.


New game +

In order to unlock New Game + you must beat the game with the good ending. After the credits end, go back to your file and press L2 to access the New Game +. However, when you do start a New Game + file, all of your weapons, armor, and items will be carried over. But not all of your abilities and shards will carry over.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game with a good ending, and on your save file press L2 to access New Game +New Game +

Contributed By: Strider-Ryy.


Steam Achievements

These are achievements you can obtain if you play the Steam version of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Change your hairstyle.A New You
Transmute items 10 times.Able Alchemist
Eradicate the duke of high rollers.All Bets Are Off
Watch the credits roll.Army of the Night
Complete 30 quests.Arvantville's Angel
Take in a large quantity of blood.Bloodstained
Borrow 10 books.Bookworm
Complete the map.Cartographer
Consume 20 different recipes.Dare to Devour
Bounce a certain chair repeatedly.Déjà vu
Slay 1,000 demons.Demon Hunter
Complete the demon list.Demonologist
Eradicate the king of demons.Dethroned
Master a weapon technique.Down Pat
Beat the Abyssal Guardian.Dragonslayer
Amass a fortune of at least 500,000 G.Gilded Youth
Reach level 50.Growing Pains
Beat Alfred.Hermetically Sealed
Obtain the blade that demons fear.His Blade
Complete the item list.Item Collector
Beat Gebel.Just a Flicker
Jump kick 10 times without touching the ground.Kickstopper
Beat Glutton Train.Loco Motive
Break 1,000 candleholders.Make a Wish
Travel 42.195 kilometers.Marathon
Discovered a hidden breakable wall.Might've Known
Eradicate the mistress of the deathly moon.Moonscraper
Backstep, backstep, backstep. A lot.Moonwalker
Unlock every achievement in the game.Overlord
Listen to the faerie’s song.Recital
Beat Orobas.Rodeo Star
Beat Zangetsu.Samurai Showdown
Break down items into materials 10 times.Scrap Heaper
Absorb your first shard.Shardbinder
Absorbed every single shard.Shardmaster
Beat Craftwork.Show of Hands
Beat Valac.Snake Charmer
Beat Bathin.Speed Demon
Beat Vepar.Storm Abolisher
Beat Bloodless.Tourniquet
Beat Doppelganger.Transcendence
Open 100 chests.Treasure Hunter
Earn at least 100,000G in total item sales.True Haggler
Observe the rise of the castle's new master.Usurper
Beat Andrealphus.Wing Clipper

Contributed By: WilyWarz007.