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Layers of Fear


Steam Achievements

Gazed at paintings for a total of an hourArt Connoisseur (26)
Embraced death for the first timeArtist's struggle (13)
Completed a paintingFinishing touch (15)
Made up your mindI know what I want (23)
Gathered all family mementosImmortalized in my heart (30)
Searched 100 drawers and cabinetsInspired OCD (12)
(no official description)Instinct of self-preservation (18)
Discovered an echo from the pastIt rings a bell (11)
(no official description)It was worth a try (21)
Got working on your Magnum OpusIt's covered up for a reason (10)
(no official description)Omniscient (35)
Found a memento of your familyScraps of love (11)
(no official description)Sketchbook of the damned (17)
Collected a rat sketchThe artist's impression (11)
(no official description)Those eyes can pierce a man's soul (21)
Took a thousand stepsWanderer (11)
Recalled every word you saidWhispers long forgotten (29)
Gathered all drawings of rodentsYou might have a problem (29)

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.