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Final Fantasy IX


Steam Achievements

There are 85 achievements for FF9's PC release.

Have a single character affected by all status ailments (good and bad)A Clean Bill of Health
Use white magic spells 200 timesA Healing Touch
Acquire all available support abilitiesA Pillar of Support
Have the nobles demand an encore during the staged swordfightA Round of Applause
Win the Festival of the Hunt as ViviA-Hunting We Will Go
Defeat KrakenAll Washed Up
Complete Final Fantasy IXAll's Well That Ends Well
Receive certification as a Rank S Treasure HunterAnother Man's Treasure
Win 10 items at Treno's auction houseAuctioneer
Repair the machine at Mognet CentralBack Online
Receive 30 back attacksBackstabber
Visit every beach on GaiaBeach Bum
Answer all of the Ragtime Mouse's questions correctlyBeating the Ragtime Blues
Summon RamuhBring on the Thunder
Summon AtomosBringing Down the House
Obtain "The Tower"Close But No Cigar
Synthesize 10 itemsComing Together I
Synthesize 30 itemsComing Together II
Uncover the secret of the Eidolon WallCracking the Code
Find all hidden treasures on the world mapDiggin' It
As Dagger, defeat the Behemoth in Treno's weapon shopDragon Lady
Purchase all of Stiltzkin's itemsDriving the Hard Bargain
Earn 10 rewards from Queen StellaEarning the Queen's Favor
Reach level 99 on any characterEnd of the Road
Form a party of 3 women and QuinaFemme Fatales?
Summon ArkFirin' Mah Lazer
Raise your chocobo's beak level to 99Follow Your Nose
Defeat the Nero brothers' shuffling minigame 9 times in a rowFound in the Shuffle
Catch 99 frogsFrog Wrangler
Enter trance for the first timeGetting Emotional
Catch a golden frog in Qu's MarshGoing for the Gold
Defeat TiamatGone With the Winds
Obtain the "King of Jump Rope" key itemHail to the King
Summon IfritHeat of the Moment
Summon CarbuncleHere to Help
Defeat LichHitting Rock Bottom
Use blue magic spells 100 timesI'm So Blue
Win a Tetra Master matchIt's All in the Cards I
Win 10 Tetra Master gamesIt's All in the Cards II
Win 100 Tetra Master matchesIt's All in the Cards III
Obtain Kain's LanceKain's Legacy
Summon BahamutKing of Dragons
Defeat 100 enemiesLet the Bodies Hit the Floor I
Defeat 1000 enemiesLet the Bodies Hit the Floor II
Defeat 10,000 enemiesLet the Bodies Hit the Floor III
Gain the favor of all friendly monstersMister Nice Guy
View 79 Active Time EventsMovie Critic
Obtain a miniature replica of the Prima VistaMy Little Airship
Summon Moguo repeatedly until he pulls a tantrumOne Nag Too Many
Guide all of Cleyra's residents to safetyOut of Harm's Way
Obtain 4 MoonstonesOver the Moon
Enter Trance 50 timesOverly Emotional
Obtain a complete set of Genji armorPath of the Samurai
Free Kuppo from the wall in Fossil RooPeek-a-Boo
Defeat MalirisPutting Out the Fire
Summon PhoenixRise from the Ashes
Jump-rope 100 times without trippingSkip to My Lou
Use the Steal command 50 timesSticky Fingers
Activate Phoenix's Rebirth Flame when all allies are KO'dStill I Rise
Summon LeviathanSurf's Up
Obtain ExcaliburSword of Kings
Obtain an airshipTake to the Skies
Play the blackjack minigameTaking the Black
Use black magic spells 100 timesThat Old Black Magic
Form a party with four male charactersThe B-Team
Use the Defend command 50 timesThe Best Offense
Summon OdinThe Dim Mak
Obtain a Madain's Ring via miningThe One Ring
Obtain the Rune ClawsThe Ultimate Claws
Obtain the Ultima WeaponThe Ultimate Dual Blade
Obtain the Angel FluteThe Ultimate Flute
Obtain the Gastro ForkThe Ultimate Fork
Obtain the Mace of ZeusThe Ultimate Mace
Obtain the Tiger RacketThe Ultimate Racket
Obtain the Whale WhiskerThe Ultimate Rod
Obtain Excalibur IIThe Ultimate Sword
Defeat OzmaTo Ozma and Back
Obtain the "Athlete Queen" key itemTrack Star
Obtain the Superslick key itemWell Lubricated
Obtain the HammerWhat's Your Sign?
Summon MadeenWolf in Mog's Clothing
Summon FenrirWolf Insanity
Summon eidolons 50 timesYou Called?
Summon ShivaYou're Cold as Ice
Obtain a "very good omen" from the color fortune in DaliYour Lucky Day

Contributed By: Shotgunnova.