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System Shock 2


Cheat Codes

Hold shift and press ; in shoot mode, then enter one of these codes. When done, press enter. WARNING: If you open the password box when the MFD is displayed, the game will lock up!

psi_powerAct like the level 1-5 buttons
add_pool ##Adds ## cybernetic upgrade modules
summon_obj [object name]An object appears at your feet
cycle_weapon <-1 or 1>Cycle equippable weapons
show_versionDisplays version number
fire_weapon <0 or 1>Fire weapon
psi_fullMaxes out psi points
ubermenschMaximum stats
open_mfd 38Opens PSI upgrades
open_mfd 35Opens stat upgrades
open_mfd 36Opens tech upgrades
open_mfd 37Opens weapon upgrades
reload_gunReloads corresponding weapon
quicksaveSave to current folder
equip_weaponSearch, and equip a weapon from the inventory
stop_emailStops playing a mail or log
frob_toggleSwitch between modes
swap_gunsSwitches between the primary weapons, and secondary
wpn_setting_toggleToggle weapon settings

Contributed By: Captain Cube, freakunique, and Abraham SATO.

Cheat Codes

Hold shift and press ; in shoot mode, then enter one of these codes. When done, press enter. WARNING: If you open the password box when the MFD is displayed, the game will lock up!

quickuseActivates quick slot
quickbindBinds quick slot
select_psipowerBrings up Psi power selection MFD
shock_jump_playerCauses the player to jump
clear_teleportClears existing teleport marker
cycle_ammoCycles through available ammo
quickloadLoad to current folder
play_unread_logPlays unread log
look_cursorSets cursor to look mode
frob_objectSimple frob of the selected object
frob_object_invSimple frob of the selected object in inventory
toggle_compassToggles compass state
toggle_invToggles inventory panel
msg_historyToggles message history
toggle_mouseToggles mouse look and cursor modes
query <0 or 1>Toggles query cursor (0 = off, 1 = on)
split <0 or 1>Toggles split cursor (0 = off, 1 = on)
interface_useUses an item in the inventory
use_obj <name>Uses object by name

Contributed By: th3l3fty.

Summon Object Codes

While in the game (make sure your MFD is not displayed), hold Shift and press the Semicolon key to activate the command prompt. Then type summon_obj and enter the following to achieve the desired effect. Don't forget to press enter afterwards.

10 nanites10 Nanites
ap clip12 AP bullets
standard clip12 Standard Bullets
20 nanites20 Nanites
small prism20 Prisms
5 nanites5 Nanites
big nanite pile50 nanites
large prism50 Prisms
wormgooA disgusting pile of worms.
annelid_medpatchAnnelid Med Patch
annelid_psipatchAnnelid Psi Patch
grubAnnoying Worm
anti_annelid toxinAnti-Annelid Toxin
detox patchAnti-Toxin Hypo
chem #4Antimony (Sb)
arach. organArachnid Organ
chem #11Arsenic (As)
assault rifleAssault Rifle
baby arachnidBaby Arachnid
chipsBag of Chips
chem #18Barium (Ba)
arachnightmareBig Arachnid
brawnboostBrawnBoost Implant
bridge cardBridge Access Card
chem #12Caesium (Cs)
chem #7Californium (Cf)
soda canCan of Soda
cargo bay 1a/1bcargo bay 1a/1b access card
cargo bay 2a/2bcargo bay 2a/2b access card
chem #6Copper (Cu)
crew bedCrew Bed
crew cardCrew Quarters access card
cryo cardCryo Access Card
crystal shardCrystal Shard
power cellDead Power Cell
crew 2 cardDeck 2 Access Card
electro shockElectro Shock
emp grenadeEMP Grenade
emp shotEMP Projectile
emp rifleEMP Rifle
endurboostEndurBoost Implant
eng override keyEngine Override Key
female appar.Female Apparition
chem #1Fermium (Fm)
floor podFloor Pod
french-epstein deviceFrench-Epstein Device
fusion cannonFusion Cannon
fusion shotFusion Projectile
chem #3Gallium (Ga)
greater over.Greater Overlord
gr. over. organGreater Overlord Organ
gren launcherGrenade Launcher
og-grenadeGrenadier Hybrid
grub floor podGrub Floor Pod
grub wall podGrub Wall Pod
chem #13Hassium (Hs)
vacc suitHazard Suit
he clipHE Clip
heavy armorHeavy Armour
explode barrelHighly Explosive Barrel
hydro card aHydroponics A Access
hydro card bHydroponics B Access
hydro card cHydroponics C Access
hydro card dHydroponics D Access
ice pickICE Pick
incend. grenadeIncendiary Grenades
med bedIncomplete Surgical Unit
chip cInterpolated Simulation Chip
SwarmInvincible Swarm
invisible arachnidInvisible Arachnid
chem #10Iridium (Ir)
labassistantLabAssistant Implant
large worm beakerLarge Beaker of Worms
laser pistolLaser Pistol
laser turretLaser Turret (enemy)
light armorLight Armour
chip bLinear Simulation Chip
maintenance toolMaintenance Tool
male appar.Male Apparition
med cardMed Access Key
med annex keyMed Annex Access Key
med patchMed Hypo
medical kitMedical Kit
medium armorMedium Armour
og-pipeMelee Hybrid
midwife organMidwife Organ
mn. over. organMn. Overlord Organ
molec. analyzerMolecular Analyser
chem #15Molybdenum (Mo)
blue monkeyMonkey
red monkeyMonkey
monkey brainMonkey Brain
assassinNinja Assasin
og organOg Organ
ops override keyOperations Override Key
chem #9Osmium (Os)
Portable BatteryPortable Battery
protocol droidProtocol Droid
prox. grenadeProximity Grenade
psi ampPsi Amp
psi boosterPsi Booster
psi trainerPsi Hypo
chip aQuantum Simulation Chip
rad patchRadiation Hypo
rad barrelRadioactive Barrel
chem #17Radium (Ra)
rec crew keyRecreation Access Key
reflec armorReflex Armour
r and d cardResearch and Development Access Key
rickenbacker cardRickenbacker Access Card
rick room keyRickenbacker Key
rick turretRickenbacker Special Edition Defence Turret
turret rocketRocket Turret
blast turretRocket Turret (enemy)
rumbler organRumbler Organ
Science CardScience Access Key
security cardSecurity Access Card
Security CameraSecurity Camera
security compSecurity Station
chem #19Selenium (Se)
rifled slug boxShotgun Shells
og-shotgunShotgunner Hybrid
red assassinShuriken-Wielding Assassin
shuttle access keyShuttle Access Key
Pellet Shot BoxSlug Turret
slug turretSlug Turret #2
smartboostSmartBoost Implant
chem #8Sodium (Na)
wide machinerySome Random Machinery
speed boostSpeed Booster
stasis field generatorStasis Field Generator
stats trainerStats Trainer
strength boostStrength Booster
med bed keySurgical Unit Activation Key
swarm organSwarm Organ
swarmer floor podSwarmer Floor Pod
swarmer wall podSwarmer Wall Pod
swiftboostSwiftBoost Implant
tech trainerTech Trainer
chem #16Technetium (Tc)
chem #14Tellerium (Te)
timed grenadeTimed Grenades
toxin grenadeToxic Grenades
trait machineTraits Machine
mugTri-Optium Mug
chem #2Vanadium (V)
hack soft v1Version 1 Hacking Software
modify soft v1Version 1 Modification Sofware
repair soft v1Version 1 Repair Software
research soft v1Version 1 Research Software
hack soft v2Version 2 Hacking Software
modify soft v2Version 2 Modification Sofware
repair soft v2Version 2 Repair Software
research soft v2Version 2 Research Software
hack soft v3Version 3 Hacking Software
modify soft v3Version 3 Modification Sofware
repair soft v3Version 3 Repair Software
research soft v3Version 3 Research Software
viral prolifViral Proliferator
wall podWall Pod
weapon trainerWeapon Trainer
worm launcherWorm Launcher
wormbloodWormBlood Implant
wormheartWormHeart Implant
wormskinWormSkin Armour
chem #5Yttrium (Y)

Contributed By: Luigi and Tails and patlabor16.