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Asteroid Bounty Hunter


Steam Achievements

Reach player level 50.All I do is level up.
Unlock all ships in shipyard.Check out my garage!
Destroy 10 asteroids.Close call there, great job.
Spend global upgrade point in shipyard.Did you check out my new spoiler?
Reach player level 10.Ding ding x10
Reach player level 2.Ding ding.
Destroy bounty hunter.I got a lock on you!
Destroy 1000 asteroids.Imagine how much money we made.
Destroy 100 bounty hunters.Is anybody still counting?
Kill DebrisLord, yeah, our first big fish.Kill DebrisLord
Kill Jack, brotherly love.Kill Jack
Kill Lynda, never liked her anyways, so boring.Kill Lynda
Kill Nix, I've slept with his wife as well.Kill Nix
Kill Vega, who's this guy again?Kill Vega
Use Death ray 50 times.Like knife through butter.
Unlock new ship.Look what daddy bought me.
Destroy 10 bounty hunters.Making a name for myself.
Destroy 1000 bounty hunters.Mess with the best, die like the rest.
Clear level 1 on easy difficulty.My granny would be able to that.
Destroy 100 asteroids.Nothing my Karma cant handle.
Destroy 50 bounty hunters.Protector of the poor... nah, I'm here just for the money.
Add your own music in gameSo you're supposed be a DJ now?
Clear level 1 on hard difficulty.So, uhm, wanna hang out?
(no description)Spend upgrade point
Clear level 1 on medium difficulty.Still not impressed.
Destroy 500 bounty hunters.The outlaw!
Destroy 10000 asteroids.Those are minerals Marie, not rocks.
Reach player level 100.Veterans only club.
Use Photon swarm 50 times.Wanna go for a spin?
Use Final blast 30 times.Why are they fire birds appearing on my screen?
Reach player level 500.Wow, eh, now that's really rare, gz!
Spend over 50 upgrade points.You're quite a spender, aren't you?

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.