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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear



Press ENTER and type in these codes:

turnpunchkick2D models
debugkeysActivates debug keys
monocleActivates monocle mode
1-900Big chests when breathing
clodhopperBig hands and feet
bignogginBig Head Mode
bignogginBig Heads
clodhopperClodhopper Mode
deathCommit Suicide
nobrainerDisables AI
avatargodGod Mode
theshadowknowsInvisible Mode
alertnessstatecolorsMap draws AI alertness colors
awarenessstatecolorsMap draws AI awareness colors
behaviorcolorsMap draws AI behavior colors
combatstatecolorsMap draws AI combat state colors
aiplancolorsMap draws AI plan colors
coverpointsMap draws cover points
megabignogginMega Head Mode
5fingerdiscountRefill Items
stumpyStumpy models
teamgodTeam God Mode
teamshadowTeam Invisible
ExploreTurn off Mission Victory
exploreTurn Off Victory Conditions
wounddeathWounding shots kill

Contributed By: AVexer, NTsui, th3l3fty, and Jazzanova Reborn.