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Quake III Arena


/bind <key> give <powerup>

This is a code that binds a key for anything.if you use this code you can get or do anything you want with the key you binded. example:/bind q give quad damage so if you type /bind q give quad damage you can get quad damage with 'Q'key.Also if you type /unbind q it will unbind the key.Hope you will have fun with this code.

/bind q give quad damageGives Quad damage by pressing Q
/bind f give allGives you all weapons and armor but no grappling hook.
/unbind allUnbinds all keys you have binded
/unbind fUnbinds F key
/unbind qUnbinds the Q key so you don't get quad damage without binding key.

Contributed By: Soulburn.

Cheat Codes

With cheats enabled press ~ to bring up the cheat console, then enter the following:

/g_gravity <>0-800Change gravity
/cg_thirdpersonangle <-360-360>Change view angle
/cg_thirdpersonrange <320-500>Change view range
/model sarge/krusadeHidden Sarge skin

Contributed By: freakunique.

Mess with the bots in SP

Start up a SP game on any Tier and any map. You should then go into the console by using the tilde key. ~ or `. This works because Q3 treats SP games as a listen server.

/kick botnameThis kicks off a bot from the game.
/addbot botnameYou can add in any bot.
/timelimit or /fraglimitYou can change the preset limit in SP games to a shorter (or longer) amount of frags.

Contributed By: TokoYami200.

Play with yourself!

You just go to any map... Enable cheats (watch video if you dont know how) and type codes in console by pressing ~

/hide characterYou are totaly invisible and your gun is flyng
/noclip_outYou get noclip but your character is not moving
/hide weaponYour hands are shooting... Wut?

Contributed By: Petulkovova.

The Give Cheat

The give cheat has many uses, and can get you any item in the game. These are some useful codes, but there are more for you to find. In order to use this code, you must activate sv_cheats and use a devmap.

/give 25 healthGives 25 health pack
/give 50 healthGives 50 health pack.
/give ammoGives 999 of all ammo.
/give medkitGives a medkit.
/give allGives all weapons (except grappling hook) and full ammo, health, and armor.
/give weaponsGives all weapons except grappling hook.
/give battle suitGives Battle Suit. Use again to lengthen time.
/give flightGives Flight. Use again to lengthen time.
/give grappling hookGives grappling hook, which doesn't come with /give all.
/give hasteGives Haste. Use again to lengthen time.
/give heavy armorGives Heavy Armor
/give invisibilityGives Invisibility. Use again to lengthen time.
/give mega healthGives Mega Health.
/give personal teleporterGives Personal Teleporter.
/give quad damageGives Quad Damage. Use again to lengthen time.
/give regenerationGives Regeneration. Use again to lengthen time.
/give rocketsGives you a pack of rockets, replace with ammo of your choice.
/give rocket launcherGives you a rocket launcher, replace with weapon of your choice.
/give armorRefills armor
/give healthRefills health.

Contributed By: P4wn4g3.

Third Person View

With cheats enabled press ~ to bring up the cheat console, then enter the following code:

/cg_thirdperson 1Third Person View

Contributed By: gsgreg.


Change Map In Game

Type ''/Map '' followed by a map name (eg ''/Map Q3DM6'') to change the arena during play.

Contributed By: Elwell.

Change the head of your model.

To change the head of your character, in the console, type this: /headmodel <character name>.

Ex. /headmodel sarge/red

Hope you can have fun with this little code.

Contributed By: Arena.

Cheat Mode

To be able to use codes in single-player mode, in the console, type: /sv_cheats 1, then, /devmap<name of map>.
Ex. q3dm11 for cheats enabled for that level.
Then, the level will load with cheats enabled.

Here are some cheats you can put in to the console after you have cheats enabled:

All skills unlocked at level 1: iamacheater

All skills unlocked at level 100: iamamonkey

God mode: /god

No clip (walk through walls): /noclip

Give all: /give all

Note on all weapons: The grenade launcher and BFG 10K weapons are unlocked by this code, but the graphics are incomplete. It will appear that your character in to holding any weapon when they are selected.

Contributed By: Arena.


The dopefish is back (and a lot different looking too).
Go to Q3DM11 (death match level 11), and find the shotgun infront of the teleporter. Face the teleporter then turn around 180 degrees, now walk up to the wall, and suprise, it's DopeFish!

Contributed By: Pyro Vesten.

Unlock all FMV Sequences

Begin a game with the quake3.exe +seta g_spVideos "\tier1\1\tier2\2\tier3\3\tier4\4\tier5\5\tier6\6\tier7\7\tier8\8" command line.

Contributed By: Undergrads2003.