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Sonic Mania


Infinite time in Studiopolis Zone 1

If time runs out when you are immaterial, being sent from an antenna to other, timer will freeze in 9:59:99 and you will not die. As always, if you beat the boss, you will get a 100000 points (2 ups) bonus.

Contributed By: iuoliveira.



Extras that can be unlocked by beating a specific amount of Blue Sphere bonus stages.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
11 medals&Knuckles Mode
32 medalsBlue Spheres
26 medalsD.A. Garden
16 medalsDebug Mode
06 medalsInsta-Shield
21 medalsMean Bean
01 medalSuper Peel Out

Contributed By: ThatCooperGuy.

Easter Eggs

Dunkey Mode

Start a game and go to Hydrocity Act 1. Go to one of the swings that you hang from and grab on. While Sonic is swinging, press Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Up, Up, Up (the old stage select from Sonic 3). You will hear a confirmation ring noise. Whenever you use a speed booster in this zone you will hear a sound clip of YouTube personality VideoGameDunkey play for the remainder of the level.

Contributed By: senorinu.


Steam Achievements

We really like boats (Ride all the boats in Hydrocity Zone Act 1)Boat Enthusiast
Gotta gacha 'em all (Let Eggman spawn all eight enemies during Metallic Madness Zone Act 2's boss fight)Collect 'Em All
Wreak havoc at the propaganda factory (Destroy crates in Press Garden Zone Act 1)Crate Expectations
Collect silver medallions in Blue Spheres Bonus stage (Complete all 32 Blue Sphere stages)Full Medal Jacket
Get through Stardust Speedway Zone as quickly as possible (Complete Stardust Speedway Zone Act 2 in under a minute)King of Speed
Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds.Magnificent Seven
Collect gold medallions in Blue Spheres Bonus stage (Earn Perfects in all 32 Blue Sphere stages)No Way? No Way!
What would happen if you cross a bridge with a fire shield? (Cross a spike bridge while having a Fire Shield)Now It Can't Hurt You Anymore
That elusive perfect run, only a professional can achieve (Complete Titanic Monarch Zone Act 1 without being damaged)Professional Hedgehog
You might have to submerge to find it (Find a hidden submarine in Oil Ocean Zone Act 2)Secret Sub
Achieve any endingSee You Next Game
Spin the Star Post!Superstar
Find the hidden item boxes at the end of the Zone (Use the signpost to uncover two item boxes at the end of Green Hill Zone Act 1)That's a Two-fer
Have your photos taken in Studiopolis Zone (Let the Shutterbugs take your picture 10 times)The Most Famous Hedgehog in the World
Try pushing a barrel to see how far it goes (Push the first barrel in Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2)The Password is "Special Stage"
Try for a 3 chain combo! (Get a 3 chain combo during the boss of Chemical Plant Zone Act 2)Triple Trouble
Let the wind take you through (Fly through a window in Flying Battery Zone Act 2)Window Shopping
Barrel through the lava, don't let anything stop you (Move through lava in Lava Reef Zone Act 1 using a walker device)Without a Trace

Contributed By: BleepBlipBoom.


Zone Select Menu

The secret Zone Select Menu requires you to first unlock Debug Mode by collecting any 16 Silver or Gold Medals from the Blue Sphere special stages. Turn on Debug Mode by highlighting the "No Save" option on the file select screen, and pressing the key assigned to "Alt" to access to Secrets Menu. With Debug Mode turned on, highlight "No Save", hold the key assigned to Delete, and press the key assigned to Jump. Continue holding Delete until the Zone Select Screen appears.

Contributed By: Arcane_Ether.