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Sonic Mania

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Sonic's New Movie Look Was Led By A Sonic Franchise Veteran 11/12/19
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Jim Carrey Confirms His Next Role Is A Video Game Movie 08/08/18
Top New Games Out This Week On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC -- July 15-21 07/17/18
Sonic Mania Plus - Retro Infomercial 07/16/18
Sonic Mania Plus Encore Mode, New Characters, and More Live 07/12/18
Sonic Mania Plus Review - Encore! Encore!: 9 / 10 07/10/18
Top New Games Releasing This Month On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC -- July 2018 07/03/18
Sonic Mania Plus Gets A Release Date And New Trailer 04/27/18
Sonic Mania Plus - Trailer 04/25/18
Persona 5 Dancing Game Is Getting Yakuza And Sonic Crossover Outfits 04/18/18
Sonic Mania Plus Adds Characters, Modes On Switch, PS4, And Xbox One 03/19/18
GS News Update: Sonic Mania Plus Announced, New Racing Game Teased 03/16/18
Sonic Movie Produced By Deadpool Director Gets A New Release Date 02/20/18
How Yesterday's Heroes Became Today's Icons 10/31/17
Sonic Funko Pops Are Coming Because Of Course They Are 10/19/17
Destiny Nightfall Strike Details Revealed; Mario Isn’t A Plumber?! - GS News 09/08/17
Sonic Mania DRM Drama; Street Fighter 2 Carts Have Fire Warning! - GS News 08/31/17
Sonic Mania PC's DRM Angers Players, Sega Adds Offline Play After Negative Backlash 08/31/17
GS News Update: Sonic Mania Players Angered By PC Version's Unexpected DRM, Sega Responds 08/30/17
Sonic Mania Review Roundup 08/16/17
Check Out Sonic Mania's Secret Knuckles Mode In Action 08/16/17
Sonic Mania's "& Knuckles" Mode Gameplay 08/16/17
Sonic Cyberpunk Mayhem - The Lobby 08/16/17
Nintendo Switch Eshop Adds Two New Games Today 08/15/17
Xbox One Adds Four New Games Today 08/15/17
We Return To The 90's With Sonic Mania 08/15/17
Sonic Mania Video Review 08/15/17
Sonic Mania Metallic Madness Zone Act 1 - Gameplay 08/14/17
Sonic Mania: Collector's Edition Unboxing 08/14/17
New Releases - The Top Games Out This Week - August 13 08/13/17
GS News Update: Sonic Mania On PC Delayed, But Sega Is Offering Fans A Freebie 08/11/17
Watch Sonic Mania's Awesomely Retro Opening Movie 08/11/17
Sonic Mania - Opening Animation Trailer 08/11/17
Four Days Before Release, Sonic Mania PC Delayed, But Sega Is Offering Fans A Freebie 08/11/17
Sonic Mania Bonus, Special, Time Attack Modes In Action Gameplay 08/03/17
The History of Sonic Games 07/29/17
Official Sonic Mania Soundtrack Coming To Vinyl 06/26/17
Sonic Forces Character Customization Explained - E3 2017 06/15/17
Sonic Mania - Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 Gameplay Trailer 06/08/17
Sonic Mania Release Date Confirmed Alongside New Trailer 05/30/17
Sonic Mania - Official Pre-Order Release Date Trailer 05/30/17
Sonic Mania Release Date Potentially Revealed By Steam 05/26/17
Sonic Mania's New Gameplay Trailer Showcases Flying Battery Zone 05/13/17
Nintendo Direct - Nintendo Switch Headlines 04/12/17
GS News Update: Sonic Mania Delayed & Project Sonic 2017 Gets A Name 03/17/17
Sonic Mania - Flying Battery Zone Reveal Trailer 03/16/17
Sonic Mania Delayed; Project Sonic 2017 Gets A Name 03/16/17
Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone 2 Gameplay 03/10/17
Sonic Mania Gameplay Trailer Reveals The New Green Hill Zone 03/10/17
Sonic 2017 And Sonic Mania Reveals Coming Soon, Here's When And Where 02/13/17
Nintendo Switch Third Party Games Impressions 01/15/17
Sonic Mania - Official Nintendo Switch Trailer 01/12/17
Sonic and Tails Stuffed Animals Available Now From Build-A-Bear 12/01/16
Sonic Mania - Mirage Saloon Run - Gameplay 10/27/16
Sonic's "Downward Cycle" Not Unlike Marvel, Star Wars, or Barbie, Former Exec Says 10/04/16
Sonic Mania - Collector's Edition 1996 Infomercial 09/20/16
90s-Style Trailer for Sonic Mania Collector's Edition Is Perfect 09/20/16
GS News Update: Sonic Mania Collector's Edition Looks Incredible 09/13/16
Sonic Mania Collector's Edition Looks Incredible 09/13/16
GS News - Pokemon Go Team Leaders, Sonic Mania, and No Man's Sky Details... 07/25/16
Sonic Mania's Gameplay Revives the Series at Comic-Con 2016 07/24/16
Exclusive Sonic 25th Anniversary Party Livestream from SDCC 2016 07/22/16