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Akuma: Demon Spawn



During gameplay, press Enter for an input field. Then type:

IfIwantIgotit ##Get Item ##
Youcansaymoneyiseverything 10000Get Money
Yougainasoneplease ##Get Weapon ##
IcompletedthisghostgameGo to Unreal World
Thehealthyspiritpower 99Increase Brain to 99
Theoriginaldexteritypower 99Increase Dexterity to 99
Thegreathealthpower 99Increase Health to 99
Thefierceunknownpower 99Increase Magic to 99
ThesoulHunter'sholyPower 10Increase Power to 99
Therealmusclepower 99Increase Strength to 99
ShowmetheworldRelease Whole Card, Display Opponents' Positions
SeethesilverliningRemove Darkness

Contributed By: The Great Teacher.