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Aliens Versus Predator


All Weapons (Marine) (Gold Edition)

Use the -debug command line perimeter to start the game.
Press ~ and type GIVEALLWEAPONS.

Contributed By: cheesypoop.

Cheat Codes

Activate Cheat Mode and type:

alienbotAdd CPU Alien (Any)
marinebotAdd CPU Marine (Any)
praetorianbotAdd CPU Praetorian Alien (Any)
predobotAdd CPU Predator (Any)
xenoborgAdd CPU Zenoborg (Any)
LEANSCALE <#>Adjust amount of tilt when sidestepping
sky_blue, then a numberAdjust Blue Tint in Sky (Any)
sky_green, then a numberAdjust Green Tint in Sky (Any)
sky_red, then a numberAdjust Red Tint in Sky (Any)
timescale, then a number from 0.0 to 1.0Adjust Speed of Game (Any)
motiontrackerspeed, then a number from 0 to 16Adjust Speed of Motion Tracker (Marine)
GIVEALLWEAPONSAll weapons and ammo (any)
SAYBroadcast message (any)
SAY_SPECIESBroadcast message to your species (any)
MOTIONTRACKERVOLUME <0.00-1.00>Change motion tracker volume (marine)
UNBIND-ALLClear all key bindings (any)
LIGHTCreate light aura/repeat for brighter aura (any)
DETAIL_LEVEL_MINDecreases detail level (any)
SHOWFPSDisplay frame rate (any)
SHOWCOORDSDisplay level coordinates (any)
SHOWPOLYCOUNTDisplay number of rendered polygons (any)
ID_PLAYERGet name of player nearest center of screen (any)
SKULLCOLLECTORGod mode (predator)
DETAIL_LEVEL_MAXIncreases detail level (any)
LISTBINDList all key bindings (any)
LISTEXPList all text expansions (any)
LISTCMDList cheat commands (any)
LISTVARList in-game help (any)
OBSERVERPlayer invisible to all opponents (any)
GIMME_CHARGEReplenish energy supply (predator)
CDPLAYLOOPSelect CD track to be looped (any)
CDPLAYSelect CD track to play (any)
CDVOLUME <0-127>Set sound level (any)
SHOW_SCOREShow frag score (any)
CDSTOPStop playing CD track (any)
SCREENSHOTTake a screenshot (any)
CROUCHMODE <0 or 1>Toggle crouch and crawl (alien)
DOPPLERSHIFT <0 or 1>Toggle doppler shift on Alien sounds (any)
EXTRAPOLATE_MOVEMENTToggle network opponent movement (any)
WIREFRAMEMODE <0 or 1>Toggle wire frame mode (any)
EXPVVerbose reports of text expansions (any)

Contributed By: The Great Teacher and Undergrads2003.

Cheat List {Any Character}

You must first type in -debug as the command line parameter and load the game. Then press - while playing as the specified character.

Then type in the following:


lightCreate light/aura (repeat to brighten)
showfrpsDisplay Frame Rate
showcoordsDisplays level coordinates
observerPlayer is invisable to all opponents
listcmdShows list of cheat commands

Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre and CGorman.

God Mode {Any Character}

You must install the save game patch before you can enter the following code. Using the avp.exe -debug command line, load the game. Then press - while playing as the specified character.

Then, type in the folloing:


Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.


Earned Cheats

To earn these cheats you must fufill the requirement described below.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat the Predator level, Fury 161, with 40 Alien kills.BALLSOFFIRE: Enemies are always on fire.
Defeat the Marine level, Colony, with 40 percent accuracy.GRENADE: Stocks your Pulse Rifle with 99 grenades (but no bullets).
Defeat the Alien bonus level with 20 live marine head bites.IMPOSSIBLEMISSION: Causes the game to be more difficult because you take more damage.
Defeat the Marine level, Derelict, with 80 percent head shots.JOHNWOOMODE: When you attack or are attacked, the game slows down.
Defeat the Marine level, Orbital, using less than 20 shots.LANDOFTHEGIANTS: Makes you very small.
Defeat the Alien level, Earthbound, with one live Predator head bite.MIRROR: Mirrors your display of the level.
Defeat the Alien level, Gateway, in under four and a half minutes with an average speed of 9 m/s or greater to aquire.MOTIONBLUR: Makes the screen blurry.
Defeat the Alien level, Escape, in less than two minutes.NAUSEA: The entire screen shakes and moves.
Defeat the Predator level, Waterfall, with 80 percent accuracy.PIGSTICKING: Gives the Predator's Spear gun unlimited ammo and multifire.
Defeat the Alien level, Ferarco, with 15 dead civilian head bites to aquire the cheat.PIPECLEANER: All characters are shown as pipecleaners.
Defeat the Marine level, Tyrargo, with 32 Alien kills.SLUGTRAIL: Causes all Aliens to crawl on the floor because they have no legs.
Defeat the Alien level, Temple, with 10 live civilian head bites.SNIPERMUNCH: Alien gains long-distance jaw attack.
Defeat the Predator bonus level, Invasion, with 15 alien trophies.TICKERTAPE: Aliens all have a trail following them.
Defeat the Predator bonus level, Escape, with 10 civilian trophies.TRIPTASTIC: Causes the screen to be blurry, jittering, and rainbow.
Defeat the Marine level, Orbital, using less than 20 shots.WARPSPEED: Run very fast.

Contributed By: Reaper.


Load species

Start the game with the ''avp.exe -debug -l[ampcxtr]'' command line, where a is the alien, m is the marine, p is the predator, c is the civilian, x is the xenoborg, t is the praetorian alien, and r is the predator-alien. Note: All letters are case-sensitive.

Contributed By: moneyguy.