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Black Dahlia


Puzzle Solution Codes

Enter the following codes for the puzzle solutions.

masterlockP11 Winslow's Safe Puzzle
loghouseP14 Wooden House Puzzle
turnkeyP15 Louie's Dresser Puzzle
arthurP21 Raven's Room Puzzle
ringdingP22 Seal Puzzle
gemstoneP26 Bag of Runes Puzzle
cancanP27 Dream Archway Puzzle
pressureP32 Pressure Gauges Puzzle
barbellP34 Sewer Levers Puzzle
triangleP35 Raven Room Door Puzzle
nimbleP36 Candlestick Puzzle
sunspotP38 Solar System Puzzle
ladybugP39 Gearshift Puzzle
keypunchP40 Key Puzzle
gearoilP41 Half Gear Puzzle
templeP44 Main Chamber Puzzle
blockheadP46 Sider Puzzle
rock33P47 Stone Blocks Puzzle
boxtopP59 Luggage Crate Puzzle
candycaneP67 Cane Lock Puzzle
teleportP68 Telegram Puzzle
peeperP73 Telescope Puzzle
bongoP76 Cuckkoo Clock Puzzle
leadheadP8 Stained Glass Puzzle

Contributed By: Mike Truitt.