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Blood II: The Chosen


Cheat Codes

To use the following codes, Press T (activate the talk mode) and enter in the following codes for the desired effect.

mpscorpio"Brian L. Goble is a programming god!" message
mpgoble"Brian L. Goble is a programming god!" message
mptotaro"Jim Totaro is da man!" message
mpfollowme3rd person view
mpherkermur3x Damage Mode
mpassaultrifleacquire Assault rifle
mpberettaacquire Beretta; enter again for dual weapon
mpbugbusteracquire Bug buster
mplaserrifleacquire Cobalco laser rifle
mpflaregunacquire Flare gun; enter again for dual weapon
mphowitzeracquire Howitzer
mpminigunacquire Minigun
mpnapalmcannonacquire Napalm cannon
mpshotgunacquire Sawed-off shotgun; enter again for dual weapon
mpsingularityacquire Singularity generator
mpsniperrifleacquire Sniper rifle
mpsubmachinegunacquire Sub-machine gun; enter again for dual weapon
mpteslacannonacquire Tesla cannon
mpnicenurseAdd 25 to health
mpgoshoppingAll Items
mpkfaAll Weapons
mpbeansofcoolnessBonus weapons
mpcameraChange camera angle
mplightscapeChange lighting
mpcalebChanges character model to Caleb
mpopheliaChanges our character model to Ophelia
mpgabbyChanges your character model to Gabriella
mpishmaelChanges your character model to Ishmael
mparmorFull armour
mpgodGod Mode
mpbeefcakeGore Mode
mphidemeHide Coordinates
mpnewcrowardIncrease Armor to 100
mpreallynicenurseIncrease Health to 300
mpspeedup(1-5) - Choose a number 1-5, 5 being the fastest.Increase Speed
mptakeoffshoesInvisible Mode
mpkillmallKill All Enemies in Level
mpkillemallKill all monsters on level
mplifeleechLife Leech
mpclipNo clipping
mpclipNo Clipping Mode
mpammoRefill Ammo
mphealthyRefill Health
mpstronger(1-5) - Enter a number from 1-5, 5 being the strongest.Strong Mode
mptheorbThe Orb
mpposToggle coordinate display
mpbugbusterUnlock Bug Buster
mpnapalmcannonUnlock Napalm Cannon
mpvoodooUnlock Voodoo Doll
npwhereamiView Coordinates
mpwardWard (25 armor)
mpcarbonfiberWill power power-up

Contributed By: Commander Sanjuro, megavolnutt99, Mike Truitt, freakunique, and KasketDarkfyre.