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John Romero's Daikatana


Cheat Codes

To use the Daikatana cheat codes, start the game with the command line parameter as +set console 1

When in the game, press ~ to bring up the console and type in your desired code.

weapon_give_1Add Weapon 1
weapon_give_10Add Weapon 10
weapon_give_2Add Weapon 2
weapon_give_3Add Weapon 3
weapon_give_4Add Weapon 4
weapon_give_5Add Weapon 5
weapon_give_6Add Weapon 6
weapon_give_7Add Weapon 7
weapon_give_8Add Weapon 8
weapon_give_9Add Weapon 9
sensitivity XAdjusts mouse sensitivity, where X is the value preferred (menu only allows upto 20).
bind [key and command]Binds command to key
boost allBoost Attributes
cam_nextsidekickCamera focuses on next sidekick
timescale [#]Change game speed, 1.0 is default
cheats 0Disable All Cheats
cheats 1Enables cheats (requires a map reload or game start).
sv_aiwander 1Enables more advanced AI (i.e. Enemies will swarm, open doors, etc.)
gl_ztrick 1Enables seeing through walls.
cam_nextmonFocus Camera on Next Enemy
weapon_give_gashandsGives the player "The Ultimate Gashands" weapon (only works on Episode 1).
godGod Mode
boost acroIncrease acro
boost attackIncrease attack
health 1000Increase Health by 1,000
health 1000000Increase Health by 1,000,000
health 10Increase Health by 10
health 10000Increase Health by 10,000
health 100Increase Health by 100
health 100000Increase Health by 100,000
boost powerIncrease power
boost speedIncrease speed
boost vitaIncrease vitality
g_unlimited_ammo 1Infinite Ammo
massacreKill All Enemies
map [level name]Level select
noclipNo Clipping
connect [server]Select game server
screenshotTake a Screenshot
cam_toggleToggle Camera
flushmap [0 or 1]Toggle clean map load
r_drawflat [0 or 1]Toggle flat-shaded polygons
developer [0 or 1]Toggle game engine messages
gl_polylines [0 or 1]Toggle line drawing
r_speeds [0 or 1]Toggle rendering speed display
r_fullbright [0 or 1]Toggle surface lightmaps

Contributed By: Mike Truitt, PiIsARational, and Starky27.

Level Codes

Use one of the following entries with the "changelevel" or "map" codes.

E2M4AAcropolis 1
E2M4BAcropolis 2
E2M4CAcropolis 3
E2M4DAcropolis 4
E2M4EAcropolis 5
E4M1AAlcatraz 1
E4M1BAlcatraz 2
E4M1CAlcatraz 3
E2M3AAthens 1
E2M3BAthens 2
E2M3CAthens 3
E4M2ABeneath the Rock 1
E4M2BBeneath the Rock 2
E2M2ACatacomb 1
E2M2BCatacomb 2
E2M2CCatacomb 3
E1M4ACrematorium 1
E1M4BCrematorium 2
E1M4CCrematorium 3
E3M5ACrypt of Nharre 1
E3M3ADungeon 1
E3M3BDungeon 2
E3M3CDungeon 3
E3M6AGharroth's Throne 1
E1M6AIcelab 1
E1M6BIcelab 2
E1M6CIcelab 3
E2M5ALair of Medusa 1
E2M5BLair of Medusa 2
E2M5CLair of Medusa 3
E2M5DLair of Medusa 4
E2M5ELair of Medusa 5
E2M1ALemnos Isle 1
E2M1BLemnos Isle 2
E2M1CLemnos Isle 3
E1M1AMarsch 1
E1M1BMarsch 2
E1M1CMarsch 3
E4M4AMishima Labs 1
E4M4BMishima Labs 2
E4M4CMishima Labs 3
E4M5AMishima's Hideout 1
E3M2APassage 1
E3M1APlague Village 1
E3M1BPlague Village 2
E3M1CPlague Village 3
E1M5AProcessing 1
E1M5BProcessing 2
E4M6AS.E.A.L. Training Center 1
E4M6BS.E.A.L. Training Center 2
E1M2ASewer System 1
E1M2BSewer System 2
E1M3ASolitary 1
E1M3BSolitary 2
E4M3ATower of Crime 1
E4M3BTower of Crime 2
E4M3CTower of Crime 3
E1M7AVault 1
E1M7BVault 2
E3M4AWyndrax Tower 1
E3M4BWyndrax Tower 2

Contributed By: Llamaman2.