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Cheat Codes

Type gabbagabbahey to enable cheat mode, then enter:

bigredAll Weapons and Max Ammo
porgysAll Weapons and Super Max Ammo
flashCreates Powerups Leading to Level Exit
bruinExtra Life
mitziGet All 3 Keys
astralGhosty Mode
poboysLevel Meltdown-- Starts Countdown
farmerjoeLevel Warp
scourgeMax Ammo for Most Weapons
twilightRestore Shields to 100
pletch999Restore Textures
lunacyRobots Move Fast, Fire Seldom
pletch### (Enter a number from 000 to 998)Texture Changing Weapons
racerxToggle Invulnerability
ahismaToggle Robot Firing
guileToggle Temporary Cloak
bugginTurbo Mode
Alt+FUse in Map View Screen for Full Map

Contributed By: TubeRacer.