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Dungeon Keeper


Get Everything Code!

Enter this code in the main menu (not case-sensitive)

please give allUnlock all rooms, spells, creatures and traps in game

Contributed By: JFreak5000.


Blow Creatures Through Walls

To get a creature through a wall to the other side without tunneling an entrance and leaving yourself open to attack, possess a level8+ Warlock, or any other creature that possesses the whirlwind spell, and move to the corner of a room that is missing a corner block. (Just two blocks diagonally touching). Line up the creature you want to blast through with the crack in the corner, and cast the whirlwind spell. If done correctly, the creature should pass right through to the other side. Ready to explore the outer caverns.

Contributed By: CdrRogue.

Easter Eggs

Birthday Wish

Play the game on May 3rd (or set your computer clock to May 3rd). Skip the opening cinematic and a screen will come up that wishes Simon Carter a happy birthday.

Contributed By: capgamer.

Developer Greetings

Hold the left shift button and type "FECKOFF" or "SKEKSIS" and you will get a message from the developers untill you release the shift button

Contributed By: Flame2396.


Anything for Free

This involves editing a game file. Open your Keeper directory and go into the data sub-directory, in here there is a file called: creature.txt. Disable the read-only function and make a backup before editing.
First you will see all stats for your creatures, best not change any of these. Scroll down and you will see a list of all rooms. The second column of numbers is their cost, change this to 0 and in game every room will cost absolutely nothing.

Scroll further down and you will see a list of spells. You can edit all columns besides the first one. For example; MAGIC_CREATE_IMP has a 2 followed by its prices, change every number after this to 0 and you can get an infinite number of imps for nothing.

For a lot of gold scroll further down. You will see GAME_GOLD_PER_GOLD_BLOCK change the second column to a high number such as 9999. Every gold block will give you that amount of money. You can also edit other money related stats.

Important Note: Do NOT edit sections which say "do not change", any other parameter is fine to edit.

Contributed By: carnaged25.

Play Multiplayer levels vs. CPU

To play the multiplayer maps against the computer, go to Run and write, assuming C:\DK\ to be your DK directory, ''C:\DK\keeper95 -1player'' or ''C:\DK\keeper -1player''. Include the ''!

Contributed By: wannabenoob.