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Final Fantasy VIII


Chocobo World item duplication trick/glitch (PC Steam version)

1. Start Chocobo World and let it run until you are happy with amount of items you have.
2. Go to User\My Documents\Square Enix\Final Fantasy VIII Steam (default save location) and copy the file chocorpg.ff8 to Desktop or anywhere you want. (disabling Steam Cloud sync for FF8 is recommended)
3. Now you load the game and import the items from Chocobo World and send him back (this will reset Chocobo World items)
4. Alt+Tab out of the game and copy the backup chocorpg.ff8 that you made into save file location, overwritting the file when asked.
5. Alt+Tab back into the game and you can import all the items again.
Repeating steps 3-5 you can hoard untold amount of rare items.

Contributed By: Rezon.


Acquiring Missed GFs

If you missed any GF on your way through the game, you can get them during Disc 4 at Ultimecia's Castle. After defeating Sphinxaur, choose to unlock the Draw ability. You'll then be able to draw the following GFs from the corresponding Bosses

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Red GiantPandemona

Contributed By: ThereIsDreams.


Here 's how you get all your GFs. GF hunting wuill not be useful at Disc 4...

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Draw from Edea 2nd Round (Disc 2)Alexander
Battle the Deep Sea Research Center at the Far South-West of the World Map (Best at Disc 3)Bahamut
Complete Tomb Of The Unknown King Quest (Disc 1)Brothers
Draw from Iguion at Edea 's Parade (Disc 1)Carbuncle
Optional fight inside Galbadia Garden Hallway (Disc 2)Cerberus
Use Magical Lamp (Disc Any)Diablos
Aquire six steel pipe's,six high potion+,six remedy+,and the Solomon 's ring and he will come without a fight.Doomtrain
Draw from Ultima Weapon at the Deep Sea Research Center lowest level/ floor (Disc 3)Eden
Battle Fire Cavern (Disc 1)Ifrit
Battle at Cactuar Island (Only at Disc 3 with Ragnarok)Jumbo Cactuar
Draw from garden master NORG once returned to Balamb Garden (Disc 2)Leviathan
First fight with Fujin, Raijin. Draw from Fujin (Disc 2)Pandemona
Access Control Panel on Your Desk/ Talk to Quistis (Disc 1)Quezacotl
Access Control Panel on Your Desk/ Talk to Quistis (Disc 1)Shiva
Draw from Elvoret at the Dollet Communication Tower (Disc 1)Siren
Defeat 18 to 22 Tonberrys at Centra Ruin (Disc 2-3)Tonberry King

Contributed By: ThereIsDreams and Bigpapa71653.


Steam Achievements

Kill 100 enemies100 kills
Kill 1000 enemies1000 kills
Kill 10000 enemies10000 kills
Unlock Guardian Force AlexanderAlexander
Unlock Guardian Force BahamutBahamut
Learn all of Quistis' limit breaksBlue Magic Master
Unlock Guardian Force BrothersBrothers
Unlock Guardian Force CactuarCactuar
Unlock Guardian Force CarbuncleCarbuncle
Play Triple TriadCard player
Defeat every member of the CC GroupCards Club Master
Unlock Guardian Force CerberusCerberus
Acquired an item from Chocobo WorldChoco loot
Capture a ChocoboChocobo
Collect all cardsCollector
Finish the game with Squall's initial levelContrived Finish
Unlock Guardian Force DiablosDiablos
Learn all of Rinoa's limit breaksDog Trainer
Unlock Guardian Force DoomtrainDoomtrain
Unlock Guardian Force EdenEden
Finish the gameEnd of Game
Get your first salary from SeeDFirst salary
Upgrade your weaponHandyman
Unlock Guardian Force IfritIfrit
Unlock Guardian Force LeviathanLeviathan
Lose a rare card in a Triple Triad gameLoser
Collect all Weapons Monthly/Combat King/Pet Pals/Occult Fan magazinesMagazine Addict
Draw magic 100 times from draw pointsMagic Miner
Draw (Stock) magic from enemies 100 timesMagician
Reach maximum GilMaximum Gil
Reach maximum HPMaximum HP
Complete the Obel Lake side questObel Lake Secret
Beat the Omega weaponOmega Destroyed
Unlock Guardian Force PandemonaPandemona
Win 100 games of Triple TriadProfessional Player
Unlock Guardian Force QuezacotlQuezacotl
Find RagnarokRagnarok
Unlock Guardian Force ShivaShiva
Unlock Guardian Force SirenSiren
Collect all Timber Maniacs magazinesTimber Maniacs
Unlock Guardian Force TonberryTonberry
Reach level 100Top level
Reach level 100 with BokoTop Level Boko
Reach SeeD rank ATop Rank
Complete the PuPu side questUFO

Contributed By: Guard Master.


SeeD Test answers

Surprised no one posted this yet, anyway here's the answers to all the SeeD tests (passing with 100% increases your rank and thus gives you more gil per paycheck) However, your rank can still go up or down based upon your actions. You can only take tests up to Squall's current level. (Obviously this isn't a problem after Level 30)

Test # Answers
1 Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N, N
2 Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, N
3 N, N, Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, N
4 N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N
5 N, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y
6 Y, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, Y
7 Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N
8 N, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N
9 N, Y, N, N, N, N, N, N, Y, Y
10 Y, N, N, N, N, N, N, N, Y, N
11 Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, Y, N, N, Y
12 N, Y, N, N, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N
13 Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N
14 Y, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, Y, N
15 Y, Y, N, N, N, N, N, Y, N, Y
16 Y, N, N, Y, N, Y, N, N, Y, N
17 Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, Y, N, N
18 Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N
19 Y, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N, Y
20 Y, Y, N, Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N
21 Y, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y, N
22 N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, Y, Y, N
23 Y, N, N, N, N, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y
24 Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, N, Y
25 Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N, N
26 Y, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N, N
27 N, Y, N, N, N, N, Y, N, Y, N
28 Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, N, N
29 N, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, N, Y, N
30 N, Y, N, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N

Contributed By: Algus.

Start at FF8 Demo Save Point.

Download the FF8 demo from the internet. You automatically jump ahead (its a demo). Play it for a little until you beat it. (Or get to a point where you havn't got that far in the full version). Once you've gotten as far as you needed and save, move then contents of the folder 'Save' (typically under program files > FF8) to your current full version of FF8's 'Save' folder. Open the full version and you should see the demo save file in the full version. You can now play from your demo file and continue freely.

Contributed By: cheifwiggem70jr.