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Gameplay codes

Enter these codes while in a level (these can also be entered while the game is paused, although the codes will only take effect after you unpause):

iwillneverdiebungholio99 Lives
thentherewaslightElectric Breath
secondhandsmokeFire Breath
ihaveshrinkageIce Breath
itsagasgasgasSuper Jump
grandenonwalterSuper Speed

Contributed By: LupisLight.

Title Screen codes

Enter these codes at the title screen:

imaloserbabyGo to Bonus Credits
partyatroswellGo to Secret World level select screen

Contributed By: LupisLight.

World Map Codes

On any world map, pull down the remote menu with the Tail whip key, then type the following codes:

hoosierbuddyGo to level select menu.
sofakingdomTurn on all TVs in current map, including boss TVs and World map TVs (But does does NOT give you any remotes or world remotes!)

Contributed By: LupisLight.


Level Passwords

Enter the appropriate password:

PZYPRXYLAll Levels Complete
BXRFYHGPCemetary 2
ZVTCYHGPCemetary 3
SVZFKHGPCemetery 1
KXVKRHKPJungle Isle 1
CVHCSHKPJungle Isle 2
SVKLPHKPJungle Isle 3
CVBLPHKPJungle Isle 4
YTCHPHKPKung Fuville 1
ZTDHPHKPKung Fuville 2
DXVGRHKPKung Fuville 3
RVTCSHGPNew Toonland 1
XVVBRHKPNew Toonland 2

Contributed By: MT0.


Secret World and Bonus Credits

Unlocking the secret world and the bonus credits sequence:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Find the bonus game in each world and get a perfect score to get that world's piece of the remote. Get all five pieces to complete the secret remote.Secret World Remote
Complete all the levels in the Secret world. The Bonus Credits will then be shown when you beat the game.Unlock the Bonus Credits

Contributed By: LupisLight.