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Grand Theft Auto



Enter these as your character's name to enable the cheat:

heart of gold10x Point Multiplier
hate machine10x Point Multiplier
itcouldbeyou9,999,999 points
satanlives99 lives
nineinarowAll Levels
super wellAll levels and Cities
itsgallusAll stages
iamnotgarypennDisable Massive Cursing
iamgarypennEnable Massive Cursing
buckfast, then press *Get 99 ammo for all guns
iamthelawNo police
stevesmatesNo Police presence
porkcharsuiOnce pressing c in game, you can see damage, speed etc of your current car in the game
suckmyrocketStart with all weapons and power-ups
itstantrumUnlimited Lives
6031769Unlimited Lives

Contributed By: Vincento, XxXSoviet RussiaXxX, Wretched Motorcade, BlackhawkX, DeltaF0rCe, zeldawrocks, and Sabith.

Debug Mode

As your player's name, type in porkcharsui to enable debug mode. Here are the controls:

HomeDefault View
2 (Num Pad)Move screen down
4 (Num Pad)Move screen left
6 (Num Pad)Move screen right
8 (Num Pad)Move screen up
RRefresh Screen
F12Restart Level
LZoom in
[Zoom in
KZoom out
]Zoom out

Contributed By: Vincento.


Drive Burnt Out Car

This glitch allows you to drive a car that has exploded, this also means that it cannot be damaged and is invincible! But it is quite tricky, the best place to do it is in Vice City, first find any parked car that has a self-destruct mechanism on it. Get in the car and as quick as you can stop infront of another car, get out the stolen car when the timer reads about 3 or 2 seconds left, and quickly get in the car that you parked next to, if timed right you should get in the car just as it is blown up by the suicidal car, if done correctly, you should be driving round a smoking black car! It doesn't take any damage because it's already blown up! But be warned, you if you get out the car, you can't get back in.

Contributed By: Ottae.