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Hexen: Beyond Heretic


Cheat Codes

Enter in any of the following codes during gameplay for the desired effect. They usually wont' work in multiplayer or at the hardest difficulty level.

locksmithAll Keys
nraAll Weapons, Full Mana, Full Armor
IndianaGain 25 of All Items
SherlockGet All Artifacts
satanGod Mode
casperNo Clipping Mode

Contributed By: TurnipKing, thelogan, and Elwell.

Hexen demo version cheats

These codes will only work on the demo version of Hexen. Type these codes in when playing the game. The codes will not work on the highest skill level (and probably during deathmatch games).

mraymondjudyall keys
tmooreall quest artifacts
braffelall standard artifacts
crhinehartall weapons, full armor and full mana
plipo<0-2>changes character class; will reset armor level
sgurnofull health
bgokeygod mode (falling from high places, telefragging, and the instant death code will still kill you)
cstikakills all monsters on level
bpelletier<00-04>level warp
rambolose all weapons
rjohnsonno clipping mode
initreload level
mwagabaza##run script ##
jsumwaltshows coordinates
rrettenmundshows ticker dots for frames per second (FPS)
pmacarthershows version information
schildersound debug data
revealtoggles map mode (full map; full map with objects; must be typed in map mode)
ebiessmantoggles temporary pig mode
quickentype it 3 times for instant death

Contributed By: ixfd64.

Registered version cheats

Type in these codes while playing a game to activate the corresponding cheat function:

shadowcaster#changes to class <0-2>; resets armor
noisedisplays sound debug data
mrjonesdisplays version info
tickerframe rate ticker
clubmedfull health
butcherkills all monsters on level
visit## (## is the level number)level warp
conanlose all weapons
initrestarts current level
puke##runs script ##
whereshows coordinates
mapscotoggles full map; full map with objects (must be entered at map screen)
deliverancetoggles temporary pig mode
martektype it three times for instant death

Contributed By: ixfd64 and ironyisntdead.