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Hidden & Dangerous


Cheat Codes

To enable Cheat Mode in the American retail version, type ''iamcheater'' or ''iwillcheat'' while playing. A click confirms the code. Then enter the following codes:

allitemsAll Items
fullhandsAll items in Inventory
alllootAll Weapons and unlimited Ammo
funnyheadBig Head Mode
laracroftChange Uniform
gamedoneComplete Mission Instantly
playercoordsDisplay Player Coordinates
killthemallKill All Enemies
quickloadLoad save game
gamefailMission Ends in Failure
skipmissionMission Skip
openalldoorOpen All Doors
bluestarsRestore censored version to full
goodhealthRestore Health
zombieReturn as a zmbie when you die
resurrectRevive Companion
showtheendView Ending
enemybView Enemy Locations behind you
enemyfView Enemy Locations in front of you
debugdrawwireWire Frame Mode

Contributed By: The Great Teacher, XeroXtancy, John E Bee, and freakunique.