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Rage of Mages II: Necromancer


Create items code

During the game, press "Enter" and type #Coward to enable the cheat mode.

#create Very Rare Crystal AmuletCreate Very Rare Crystal Amulet
#create Very Rare Crystal AxeCreate Very Rare Crystal Axe
#create Very Rare Crystal CuirassCreate Very Rare Crystal Cuirass
#create Very Rare Crystal Long SwordCreate Very Rare Crystal Long Sword
#create Very Rare Crystal MaceCreate Very Rare Crystal Mace
#create Very Rare Crystal Morning StarCreate Very Rare Crystal Morning Star
#create Very Rare Crystal PikeCreate Very Rare Crystal Pike
#create Very Rare Crystal Plate BootsCreate Very Rare Crystal Plate Boots
#create Very Rare Crystal Plate BracersCreate Very Rare Crystal Plate Bracers
#create Very Rare Crystal Plate CuirassCreate Very Rare Crystal Plate Cuirass
#create Very Rare Crystal Plate HelmCreate Very Rare Crystal Plate Helm
#create Very Rare Crystal RingCreate Very Rare Crystal Ring
#create Very Rare Crystal Scale GauntletsCreate Very Rare Crystal Scale Gauntlets
#create Very Rare Crystal Two Handed AxeCreate Very Rare Crystal Two Handed Axe
#create Very Rare Crystal Two Handed SwordCreate Very Rare Crystal Two Handed Sword
#create Very Rare Crystal War HammerCreate Very Rare Crystal War Hammer
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather BootsCreate Very Rare Dragon Leather Boots
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather BracersCreate Very Rare Dragon Leather Bracers
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather GauntletsCreate Very Rare Dragon Leather Gauntlets
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather HelmCreate Very Rare Dragon Leather Helm
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather Large ShieldCreate Very Rare Dragon Leather Large Shield
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather MailCreate Very Rare Dragon Leather Mail
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather Small ShieldCreate Very Rare Dragon Leather Small Shield
#create None CapeCreates Mage's Cape (Def +6)
#create None CloakCreates Mage's Cloak (Def +3)
#create None DressCreates Mage's Dress (Def +10)
#create None CapCreates Mage's Gloves (Def +1)
#create None GlovesCreates Mage's Gloves (Def +2)
#create None HatCreates Mage's Gloves (Def +5)
#create None RobeCreates Mage's Robe (Def +5)
#create None ShoesCreates Mage's Shoes (Def +3)

Contributed By: sephirosuy.

In Game Codes

To enter codes start a mission and press enter. Type #Chicken (Must use capitol C)
then press enter to start cheat mode.

#event (event number)Displays the message as if the event had occurred
#modify self +spellGives you all the spells from the game.
#modify army+godGod mode for every character (Can still be damaged by magic)
#modify self+godGod mode for main hero (Can still be damaged by magic)
#hide mapHide map
#kill allKill all enemy units on the map
#pickup allPickup all bags currently in the open
#create (1-1,500,000,000) goldPlaces desired amount of gold in inventory
#show mapShow full map

Contributed By: kral and skyburn1.


Almost all codes

Press enter and type ##Coward to activate the cheat mode.

Code Effect
#kill all kills all enemies
#pickup all picks up all items in this level
#show map reveals map
#create (amount) gold creates the amount that you want

Create items
#create (rareness and item name)

The ''Common'' items are Leather, Hard Leather, Wood, Bronze, Iron. for example to create a Iron item:
#create Common Iron Plate Cuirass

''Uncommon'' items are Leather, Hard Leather, Wood, Silver, Steel, Bronze

''Rare'' items are Hard Leather, Magic Wood, Adamantium, Mithrill, Silver

And the ''Very Rare'' items are Dragon Leather, Magic Wood, Crystal, Meteoric, Adamantium, Gold

To ''Summon'' monsters
#summon (monster name)
i dont really know lot of monsters but you can expiriment with their names.
Tip: If you have a map editor you can see more names of monsters and humans.

#summon Necromancer
#summon Ogre
#summon Troll
#summon Dragon

Warning!: Never ever try to #summon hero, this code stops your game *it will have an error and the game stops*

Contributed By: Magus.