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Shadow Warrior (1997)



During gameplay, press J on your keyboard to levitate yourself. You can use this to reach areas you cannot normally access by jumping.

Contributed By: Naru2005.

Various Cheat Codes

When playing the game push the ''T'' key. Type in the code and push enter.

swgimmeAll Weapons
swnameChanges multiplayer player name
swresChanges the screen resolution (same as the F5 key).
swgreedCheat Mode on
clearClear saved game files
swghostClipping OFF. You can walk through walls.
dumpsoundsCreates "dbg.foo" debugging file
configLoads another .CFG file
cd loop <track number>Loops CD track endlessly
sound<number>Plays a sound
cdonPlays CD music
cd play <track number>Plays CD track once
swquitQuits the game
swstartRestart the current stage.
swmapReveals the entire map for the stage you are at.
swtrixrocket launcher will shoot bunnies
swsaveSaves the map
swlocShows your framerate and location info.
swtrekABskip goto Episode A/Mission B. You enter a number where the A and B should be.
cdoffStops CD music
winpachinkoYou will always win the Pinchenko games and get a prize.

Contributed By: drxia00, th3l3fty, and BCD.