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Sonic CD (1995)


Level Select

Press Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Spacebar at the title screen to enter the level select.

Contributed By: AROSE009922.

Sound Test and More

At the title screen, press Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, Space to call up a Sound Test menu. Special things will happen if you select the following sound combinations and press Start.

PCM12, DA11Debug Mode
PCM03, DA01Displays artwork
PCM04, DA21Hercules Sonic
PCM12, DA25Human-Faced Sonic w/ Japanese Message
PCM07, DA07Play special stages
PCM11, DA09Revenge of the Mutant Artwork

Contributed By: adowilos.

View Developers High Scores

Press Right, Right, Up, Up, Down and Space at the title screen.

Contributed By: Millers C.


Always beat time attack mode

First input the debug mode cheat, then play through time attack mode. Whenever you finish the level, your time will always come up as 00'00"00.

Contributed By: Keith_da_Hybrid.


Lose the Game

The traditional way to get a ''Game Over'' is to lose all your lives. Well, here's a different way to lose the game.

Anywhere in the game, stand completely still for 3 minutes. Sonic will say ''I'm outta here!'' and jump off the screen, and you'll get a game over.

Contributed By: NTsui.

Use secrets without having to put in the code everytime

Find the file Sonic.ini on your computer and enter the following:


Contributed By: DJosef.