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Twisted Metal 2


In-Game Cheats

Just type in “GLORIOUS” (caps are not sensitive) during the game (not pause), and it is insantly activated.
D=Down, U=Up, R=Right, L=Left

DIVINE------------God mode
DOUBLEDOWN--------Weapons are More Powerful
HOLYSMOKES--------Unlimited Ammo
SLAMFEST----------Ramming Does More Damagge
GIMMEMORE---------More Weapons
2HOT--------------Napalms are Homing
CUSUCKA-----------Super Powerful Machine Guns
FRAMERATE---------View the framerate.
D, U, R, L, U, U, D, D-----Weapons for Health.
L, R, U-----------Fire Freeze
R, L, D-----------Drop Mine.
R, L, U-----------Fire Napalm.
U, U, R-----------Activate Shield.
U, U, L-----------Jump.
L, R, D, [Fire]---Attack from the back.
R, D, L, U--------Cloak for a short time.
U, D, U, U, SPACE-Minion’s Special.

Contributed By: AggroSk8er.

Multiplayer Cheats

At the multiplayer mode level selection screen, type "dasbak" to enable cheat mode. Then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat.

jmswampJet Moto Suicide Swamp bonus level
sleuthOther player view
tmburbsTwisted Metal Cyburbia bonus level
tmroofTwisted Metal Rooftops bonus level

Contributed By: th3l3fty.

Play-as Cheats

Play as Minion: Type ''GLORIOUSBIGBOY'' at the character selection screen.

Play as Sweet Tooth: Type ''GLORIOUSICECREAM'' at the character selection screen.

Contributed By: AggroSk8er.