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Hitman - Episode 6: Hokkaido

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Hitman Dev & Warner Bros. Working On A New Game - GS News Update 10/10/19
Hitman Dev Making Game In A "New Universe" With Warner Bros. 10/10/19
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Free PS Plus Games Released For February 2019 (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) 01/30/19
Hitman Dev Opens New Studio, Hints At New Games 01/16/19
PS4 And Xbox One Hitman Remasters Coming Very Soon - GS News Update 01/04/19
Hitman 2 - How The Magic Briefcase Works 11/30/18
Last Chance For A Cheap Bundle Of Killer PC Games 11/01/18
Hitman Offering Free Halloween Pack With Full Mission And Special Costume 10/22/18
Is The Episodic Format Good Or Bad For Games? - Steam Punks 10/09/18
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Play A Free Hitman Level For A Limited Time On Xbox One, PS4, And PC 07/24/18
Hitman Vs. Dishonored | Versus 07/11/18
Hitman's Graphics Take A Major Hit In Potato Mode 07/02/18
Hitman: Sniper Assassin and Hitman 2016 Livestream 06/08/18
Hitman 2 Leaks Ahead Of E3 2018 06/06/18
Hitman 2 Leaks Ahead Of E3 2018, It Seems - GS News Update 06/05/18
Top New Games Releasing This Week On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, And 3DS -- May 13-20 05/15/18
Hitman: Definitive Edition Revealed, Release Date Announced - Here's What's New 04/05/18
GS News Update: Hitman: Definitive Edition Announced, Release Date Revealed 04/04/18
You Can Grab Hitman's Sapienza Level And Challenges For Free Right Now 03/23/18
A Chunk Of Hitman Is Free On PS4, Xbox One, And PC Right Now 12/15/17
Hitman TV Series From John Wick Writer Derek Kolstad In The Works At Hulu 11/14/17
A New Hitman Game Is In Development 11/08/17
Hitman Game Of The Year Edition And Xbox One X Update Revealed 10/24/17
GS News Update: Hitman Game Of The Year Edition And Xbox One X Patch Revealed 10/24/17
Hitman - Game Of The Year Edition Trailer 10/24/17
New Hitman DLC Teased, But It's Not Season 2 10/06/17
New Hitman PC/PS4/Xbox One Content Announced, Here's What's Coming This Month 08/02/17
What Is Antialiasing? PC Graphics Settings Explained 07/20/17
Hitman - Elusive Target #26: The Entertainer Trailer 07/14/17
Hitman's July Update Out Today, Here Are The Patch Notes 07/14/17
Hitman - Welcome to The Playground Official Trailer 06/20/17
You Can Now Play A Chunk Of Hitman For Free 06/20/17
Hitman Dev Goes Fully Independent, Keeps Rights To The Series 06/16/17
Hitman Dev Simplifying Purchasing Options, Hints At "Future Plans" 06/09/17
Despite Layoffs And Potential Sale, Hitman Dev Still Releasing New Content 06/01/17
Hitman May Survive Sale Of Developer IO Interactive 05/26/17
Hitman Dev Prepares For Uncertain Future With Layoffs 05/23/17
GS News Top 5 - Next Assassin’s Creed Details Leak; Madden 18 Cover Reveal! 05/12/17
GS News - Square Enix Drops Hitman Dev, Overwatch's Next Event Imminent! 05/11/17
GS News Update: Future Of Hitman Uncertain As Dev IO Interactive Put Up For Sale By Square Enix 05/11/17
Hitman Livestream 05/11/17
Future Of Hitman Uncertain As Dev IO Interactive Put Up For Sale By Square Enix 05/11/17
Hitman's March Update Is Out Now, See The Full Patch Notes Here 03/15/17
Guardians Of The Galaxy Director Wanted To Make R-Rated Hitman Movie 02/21/17
Hitman Dev Working On New IP 02/09/17
Quick Look: Hitman: Bonus Episode: Landslide 02/02/17
STAGE FRIED - Hitman New Mission: Landslide Let's Play 02/01/17
Hitman - Landslide Reveal Trailer 01/27/17
Watch Trailer For Hitman's Next Bonus Mission, Coming Very Soon 01/27/17
Hitman Becomes Harder With This Month's Free Update 01/25/17
Ex-Witcher 3, Hitman, Dying Light Devs Form New Studio 01/19/17
Hitman - 101 Gameplay Trailer 01/17/17
New Hitman Trailer Shows Complete Experience for Disc Release 01/17/17
People's Choice Game of the Year 01/03/17
The Top 10 News Stories of December 12/31/16
Game of the Year 2016 Countdown: #15 - #11 12/18/16
Hitman's Christmas Mission Has a Brilliant Home Alone Reference 12/14/16
Become a Killer Santa With Hitman's Free Holiday Update, Out Now 12/13/16
Hitman - Holiday Hoarders Trailer 12/06/16
Hitman's Free Christmas Mission Lets You Become a Killer Santa 12/06/16
Major Hitman Update Arrives, Here's What It Does 11/28/16
Hitman Review: 8 / 10 11/23/16
Hitman Developer IO Interactive Has a New Logo and Studio Space 11/10/16
Quick Look: Hitman: Episode 6: Hokkaido 11/05/16
Hitman PS4 Pro Enhancements Detailed 11/03/16
Hitman Dev Shows Final Hokkaido Episode 10/31/16
New Hitman Trailer Heads to Japan for Season Finale, November Release Schedule Detailed 10/31/16
New Releases - Hitman: Hokkaido, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 10/30/16
Hitman - Season Finale Countdown (ICA Facility) Trailer 10/24/16
Hitman - Season Final Teaser 10/14/16
New Hitman Elusive Target Is Available Now 10/14/16
GS News Update: Hitman's Season 1 Finale Release Date and Location Detailed 10/12/16
Hitman's Season 1 Finale Release Date and Location Detailed 10/12/16
Hitman's Story Is "Just Getting Started" At the End of Season 1, Writer Says 10/05/16
Quick Look: Hitman: Episode 5: Colorado 09/29/16
Hitman - Episode 5: Colorado Launch Trailer 09/27/16
Hitman's Most Challenging Episode Out Now, Watch Trailer Here 09/27/16
Hitman Episode 5 Video Teases Agent 47's Toughest Challenge Yet 09/22/16
You Must Kill a Pharmacist for Hitman's Newest Mission 09/16/16
Hitman Episode 5 Release Date and Mission Details Revealed 09/06/16
Hitman: The Complete First Season's Disc Release Launches in January 08/31/16
Here's When Hitman's Next Elusive Target Will Appear 08/23/16
Quick Look: Hitman: Episode 4: Bangkok 08/18/16
Hitman Episode 4 Out Now, Sees You Killing a Rock Star 08/16/16
Hitman Will Have at Least Two More Seasons of DLC 08/08/16
Hitman - The Class - Are We Stars - Official Music Video 08/05/16
Hitman Episode 4 Arrives This Month, Puts a "Spin" on Fan-Favorite Setting 08/05/16
Quick Look: Hitman: Summer Bonus Episode: The Icon 07/21/16
Hitman Summer Bonus Episode Detailed, Requires Season Pass to Play Today 07/19/16
You Have 7 Days to Kill Gary Busey in Hitman, Starting This Week 07/18/16
The Best Games of 2016 So Far - The Lobby 07/06/16
Next Hitman Elusive Target: Here's Everything You Need to Know 06/30/16
Interview with Hitman's Torben Ellert at the E3 2016 06/15/16
Hitman - Elusive Targets: The Sensation Trailer 06/14/16
Hitman Bonus Episode Coming This Summer, Features Giant Killer Robot 06/13/16
Here's When Hitman's Next One-Try-or-Fail Mission Goes Live 06/06/16
Hitman Players Are Getting Better at Killing Someone With Only One Try 06/02/16
Quick Look: Hitman: Episode 3: Marrakesh 06/02/16
Hitman - Episode Three: Marrakesh Launch Trailer 05/31/16
Hitman's One-Try-or-You-Fail Assassination Mode Returns for 48 Hours 05/27/16
Hitman - Elusive Target 2: The Congressman 05/27/16
New Hitman Screens Show Dapper Agent 47 Causing Trouble in Marrakesh 05/26/16
GS News Update: Hitman Episode 3 Release Date and Details Revealed 05/25/16
Hitman Episode 3: Release Date, New Screens, More Details Revealed 05/25/16
Hitman's Elusive Targets Are About To Become More Difficult 05/25/16
Here's When Hitman's Second Elusive Target Will Arrive 05/20/16
Half of Hitman Players Blew Their One Chance to Kill This Guy 05/19/16
Hitman - Elusive Target #1 Trailer (The Forger) 05/13/16
You've Got 48 Hours and One Attempt to Kill This Target in Hitman 05/13/16
Hitman's First Elusive Target, Which You Only Have One Chance to Kill, Arrives Tomorrow 05/12/16
Hitman Episode 2: Sapienza Review Roundup 04/29/16
Quick Look: Hitman: Episode 2: Sapienza 04/29/16
Hitman Episode Two Review: 7 / 10 04/28/16
Hitman Episode 2 Sapienza - Video Review 04/28/16
Hitman Ep.2 Sapienza - Infiltraing an Underground Lab - Gameplay 04/26/16
This Week's PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Deals Revealed 04/26/16
Hitman - The Sarajevo Six Trailer 04/25/16
Hitman's Next PS4-Exclusive "Sarajevo Six" Contract Revealed in New Trailer 04/25/16
Here's Exactly When Hitman Episode 2 Releases 04/25/16
Hitman Update Will Reduce Load Times, Add Reconnect Option, and More 04/22/16
Hitman - Episode Two: Sapienza Launch Trailer 04/21/16
See Hitman Episode 2's Gorgeous But Deadly Setting in Launch Trailer 04/21/16
Sony Bringing These 20-Plus PS4 and PlayStation VR Games to PAX East 04/13/16
The Best Games of March 2016 04/11/16
Hitman PC Patch Out Now, Improves Loading, DX12 Performance, Fixes Bugs 04/06/16
GS News Update: Hitman Episode 2 Release Date and Patch Details 03/31/16
Hitman Episode 2 Release Date Revealed 03/31/16
New Hitman Patch Improves Load Times, Fixes Bugs, Adds New Challenges 03/31/16
Hitman Promo Asks You to Kill Gary Busey or Gary Cole 03/22/16
Hitman's Elusive Targets Missions Delayed, But New Content Out Now 03/22/16
Hitman PS4 Patch Removes Content, Fix on the Way 03/15/16
Hitman Review Roundup 03/10/16
Hitman Disc Version Release Date Announced 03/10/16
Hitman Episode One Video Review 03/10/16
Hitman Episode One Review: 7 / 10 03/10/16
This "Real Life" Hitman Experience Looks Really Cool 03/09/16
The Division, Hitman, Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition - New Releases 03/06/16
PSA: Uncharted 4, Hitman PS4 Betas Start Today 03/04/16
Hitman - Season Premiere Trailer 03/02/16
See Agent 47's Many Disguises in Hitman's "Season Premiere" Trailer 03/02/16
Hitman's Second Beta Exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers From March 4 02/24/16
Hitman Beta PC Gameplay - Highest Settings 02/19/16
Hitman PC Closed Beta Starts Today, Here's How to Get In 02/19/16
Hitman's Real-Time "Live Content" Explained, Detailed 02/18/16
Hitman Beta PS4 Gameplay - Full Operation 02/12/16
Now Playing - Hitman Beta 02/12/16
PSA: Hitman PS4 Beta Starts Today, Here's How to Get In 02/12/16
GS News Update: Hitman Beta Requires Internet Connection, Full Game Won't 02/10/16
Hitman's Beta Will Require Internet Connection, Full Game Won't 02/10/16
Hitman Interview: Why We're Going Episodic 02/10/16
How Hitman's New AI Outsmarted Me 02/10/16
Hitman Beta PC System Requirements Revealed 02/10/16
GS News Update: Hitman Beta PS4/PC Details 02/08/16
Hitman - Beta Launch Trailer 02/08/16
Hitman PS4/PC Beta File Size, Start Time, Playable Content, and More Revealed 02/08/16
Hitman PS4 Beta Starts This Week, Watch New Trailer Now 02/08/16
Hitman - World of Assassination Trailer 02/03/16
New Hitman Trailer Asks You to Follow the Money, See the Violence 02/03/16
GS News - Hitman Now Fully Episodic; Bayonetta 2 Re-Release Next Month! 01/14/16
Hitman Now a Proper Episodic Game; Collector's Edition Confirmed 01/14/16
Some Hitman PS4 Preorders Canceled, But No Need to Worry 01/13/16
The Most Anticipated Games of Q1 2016 - The Lobby 01/12/16
The Biggest Games to play in 2016 12/29/15
Hitman Beta Teaser Trailer - PSX 2015 12/07/15
Here's When the Hitman PS4 Beta Starts 12/05/15
New Hitman "Beta" Trailer Coming Soon 12/03/15
Hitman - Welcome to Sapienza 10/28/15
Hitman's Gorgeous Italian Town Shown Off in New Trailer 10/28/15
Hitman - Join the Community Trailer 10/22/15
Hitman's New Release Date is March 11, Here's What Will Be Included at Launch 09/29/15
Weekly Recap: Xbox One vs. PS4 Console Wars "Distasteful," New Hitman Delayed 09/26/15
GS News - Hitman Delayed; New Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Detailed! 09/22/15
Hitman Delayed into 2016 to Increase Amount of Content Available at Launch 09/22/15
"Gamers Don't Want Unfinished Content," Square Enix Exec Says About New Hitman 09/11/15
Hitman - "Showstopper" Playthrough 08/29/15
New Hitman Movie Comes Up Short With Just $3 Million on Friday 08/22/15
New Hitman Movie One of the Worst-Reviewed Game Films Ever 08/20/15
Why Video Game Movies Will Get Better, According to Hitman Producer 08/13/15
Hitman for Xbox One/PS4/PC Day One Content Will Be Announced Soon 08/06/15
Blood and Death Everywhere in Hitman: Agent 47's New Trailer 08/06/15
Hitman Video Shows 10 Minutes of Early Gameplay Footage 07/13/15
Just Cause 3, Hitman and Deus Ex Experience - Comic Con 2015 07/11/15
Hitman Dev Addresses Digital Release, Price, Content Quality Concerns 07/09/15
Hitman Is Low-Calorie Stealth No Longer 06/18/15
Season Passes are Not Good for Gamers, says Hitman Dev 06/18/15
Hitman's Digital Episodes Will be Release on Disc Eventually 06/17/15
Hitman Stage Demo E3 2015 06/16/15
Is an Episodic Hitman a Good Thing? E3 2015 06/16/15
Hitman Release Date Announced At E3 2015 06/16/15
Hitman Trailer E3 2015 06/16/15
New Hitman Revealed at E3 2015, Comes with PS4-Exclusive Content 06/15/15
Hitman E3 2015 Reveal Trailer 06/15/15