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Strikers Edge


Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 23 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

Play 100 matches100 Year War
Hit someone with a headshotBoom! Headshot!
Win a round without getting hit when playing onlineCan't touch this
Play an online game with every characterCasting Director
Hit 3 headshots in the same online matchCerberus Hunter
Counter an incoming projectile with one of yours in an online matchCounter-Striker
Win 10 consecutive online matchesCuz Im Having a Good Time
Win 5 consecutive online matchesDon't Stop Me Now
Win an online game against a friendFriends Will Be Fiends
Win a 2v2 online gameFriends Will Be Friends
Win a gameGood job, kid!
Hit 10 headshots in the same online matchHydra Hunter
Hit 3 consecutive shots in an online matchI'm counting on you
Hit 100 headshotsMind Blown
Win 10 online gamesNewb no more
Win 100 online gamesPrince of the Universe
Lose a gameRematch!!1
Win an online game in each arenaRoadtrip
Play 500 matchesStriker
Unlock all achievementsSummit Striker
Win 250 online gamesSuper Striker
Tie a round when playing onlineWait what?
Parry 50 incoming projectilesWill you parry me?

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.