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Yoku's Island Express


Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 31 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

Try every ball styleA ball for every occasion
Toot the noisemaker 100 timesAll night long!
Discover Fosfor’s LairBelly of the beast
Unlock all the BeelinesBusy bee
Defeat the SpiderCleaning out the cobwebs
Defeat ScreetchCoup de grace
Customise Yoku’s ballFancy beetle
Collect the DivefishGone fishin'
Find the Post-officeHoney, I'm home!
Complete the temple trialsHow it all began
Complete Willo's questHow wonderful
Complete Thorn questJailor
Complete the storyKickback and relax
Blow the noisemakerLets get this party started!
Take the surviving egg to DipperloafLife finds a way
Befriend a SootlingMakin' more friends
Free KickbackMakin’ friends
Get the biggest walletMoneybags
Deliver the cake to the inventors houseParty time!
Activate all ScarabsPerfectionist
Complete Rinri's questSpreading spores
Suck up a slug with the Slug VacuumTastes like chicken
Collect every ability upgradeThat's a big backpack!
Toot the noisemaker 1000 timesThat's enough
Discover the heart cluster at the bottom of the seaThat’s deep
Hatch the God EggThe End
Become the PostmasterThe mail always gets through
Unlock all treasure chestsTreasure hunter
Save SpinaUnder pressure
Ride the BeelineWeeeee!
Collect all WickerlingsWickerKing

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.