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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Remaster


Steam Achievements

Discover the first Oblivion chamber in a single player gameBeware... Oblivion is at hand
Kill 20 enemies with the Cerebral Bore in a single player gameBrain Surgeon
Aquire all 5 talismans in a single player gameBy Your Powers Combined....
Defeat the PrimagenCrushing Conclusion
Complete the single-player game on Hardcore difficultyI AM TUROK!
Get two enemies of different species to fight each other in a single player gameI thought only demons did that
Collect all 6 Primagen keys in a single player gameKeymaster
Assemble the Nuke weapon in a single player gameMaster of Destruction
Defeat the MotherMother of All Battles
Defeat the QueenOff With Her Head
Set 50 enemies on fire with the flamethrower in a single player gamePyromaniac
Collect all 5 sacred eagle feathers in a single player gameSacred Collector
Find all secret areas in a single player gameTurok: Treasure Hunter
Complete all mission objectives and acquire all level keys in Lair of the Blind Ones in a single player gameWe don't need no stinkin' strategy guide!

Contributed By: DDG91.