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Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 75 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

Kicked a bard 3 timesBard Kicker!
Defeat 15 batsBat Annihilator
Defeat 7 batsBat Eradicator
Defeat 3 batsBathunter
Defeat a batBatslayer
Killed the Sun's KingBlot Out the Sun
Killed Queen ChaosBolt from the Blue
Killed the Dream KingBroken Dreams
Saved the city from a monster attackCity Savior
3 StompiesCrushing Stompy
Killed the Moon's QueenDark Side of the Moon
Did 10 dashesDash x10!!!
Did 20 dashesDash x20!!!
Did 30 dashesDash x30!!!
Did 5 dashesDash x5!!!
Did a dashDash!!!
Defeated the TrollDefeated the Troll
Killed the King of HeartsHeartbreaker
Killed the Queen of WindsHurricane
10Jump x10!!!
100Jump x100!!!!!!
20Jump x20!!!
30Jump x30!!!
40Jump x40!!!
50Jump x50!!!
Jump 5 timesJump!
3Lightbulb Charge x3!
Charge a lightbulbLightbulb Charge!
Chain 2 things with 1 boltLightning Chain
Launched by a lightbulbLightning Launcher
Charged 10 boltsLightning Power x10!!!
Charged 100 boltsLightning Power x100!!!
Charged 20 boltsLightning Power x20!!!
Charged 30 boltsLightning Power x30!!!
Charged 40 boltsLightning Power x40!!!
Charged 5 boltsLightning Power x5!!!
Charged 50 boltsLightning Power x50!!!
Charged 2 boltsLightning Power!!!
100Lightning Strike x100!!!
15Lightning Strike x15!!!
25Lightning Strike x25!!!
50Lightning Strike x50!!!
7Lightning Strike x7!!!
Hit 3 things with lightningLightning Strike!!!
Hit with a charged swordLightning Sword
7Mega Lightbulb Charger!
10 with charged swordMega Lightning Sword
Killed Queen OrderOut of Order
Defeat 3 OwlsOwl Extinction
7 StompiesPulverizing Stompy
Reflect 10 attacksReflection x10!!!
Reflect 20 attacksReflection x20!!!
Reflect 3 attacksReflection x3!!!
Reflect 30 attacks!Reflection x30!!!
Reflect an attackReflection!
Helped victims of war find a safe placeRefugee Rescue
Defeated the boss of the RuinsScourge of the Ruins
Did a slow clap at an appropriate timeSlow Clap
15Spinny Annihilator
Defeat 3 SpinniesSpinny Assassin
Defeat a SpinnySpinny Killer
Defeat 7 SpinniesSpinny Predator
Defeat a stompyStomping Stompy
15 StompiesStompy Annihilator
5Super Lightbulb Charger!
3 things with 1 boltSuper Lightning Chain
Hit 5 with a charged swordSuper Lightning Sword
Killed the final bossThe End
Defeat an OwlThe Owl
Killed two Overseers at once!Two-fer
Kicked a bard 10 timesUltimate Bard Kicker!
20Ultimate Lightbulb Charger!!!
4 things 1 boltUltimate Lightning Chain
20Ultimate Lightning Sword
Spin your sword for a whileWindmill

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.