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The Red Strings Club


Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 19 Steam Achievements.

Access the secret Web of Chaos.Basic Input/Output System
Made Johanna chill with anti-depressant scripts.Brainwashing
Win the game of Russian Roulette.Brought a cocktail to a gun fight
Got a perfect score on Akara's quiz about Diana Meyes.Consultant Engineer
Got a perfect score on Akara's quiz about Naima Cosse.Corporate Lawyer
Craft all the implants with Akara.Creative Sentience
Complete Radhika's profiling instantly because of Donovan's intel.Did my homework
Share your knowledge on PROXYMA implants with Johanna.Digital Heir
Get 7 voices for the VOMOD.Digital Ventriloquist
Triggered Edgar's self-destruction mechanism.Honey pot
Recovered your composure thanks to Ariadne.I'll never walk alone
Complete all the objectives of Donovan's notebook.Information Broker
Got a perfect score on Akara's quiz about Larissa Robillard.Marketing Director
Serve a cocktail without spilling a single drop.Numen
Triggered Edgar's secret mood.Pink Tequila
Contact Dr. Edgar Coldstream through three different people.Player Ex Machina
Discover the photo.That doesn't sound unprofessional to me.
Complete the game.The Red Strings Club
Guessed Irving's age.Underage Drinking

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.