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Boot Hill Bounties


Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 52 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

Meet Burning Crow for the first timeA Dream?
Defeat Burning Crow for the first timeAnnointment
Defeat Skunkwater SkullyBad Business
Defeat Yellow CloudBitter Rivalry
Apprehend Stampede SallyBlue Betrayal
Imbue with every status affectBlue Feather
Adopt BongoBongo Baby
Ring the bell in the Bonus High Striker gameBonus Bonanza
Obtain every bonusBonus Master
Find the lost cat BootsyBootsy Returned
Cross every chessboardChess Master
Hire Josie TrotterCrop Duster
Learn nearly every recipeCulinary Conquest
Defeat the Metal SentinelDeactivated
Achieve the highest rank in DoctorDoctor, Doctor
Encounter the Mine DevilDug Too Deep
Defeat La CalacaEve of Skulls
Defeat Creed LittleEvil Genius
Rescue Andreo FrancoFalse Franco
Hire Leon BarkerFarm Hand
Discover the lost Tijuacan ruinsFire Dance
Achieve the highest rank in CookingFood Force
Hire Horace WestbrookFree Ride
Win the Chuckwagon Chief competitionGilded Spoon
Rescue Rusty from GorillasGorilla Rescue
Purchase every farm upgradeGreen Thumb
Discover the recipe for GumboGumbo Guru
Learn nearly every VantageHaberdasher
Complete almost every Rusty ChallengeHappy Beagle
Achieve the highest rank in HarvestingHome on the Range
Reunite Rosy with HoneybellHoneybell Lecter
Resolve the conflict over the KetohLost Artifact
Defeat Kipp's ApparatusMad Scientist
Defeat Colonel MiddletonMilitary Discharge
Solve the mine cart riddleMine Cart Carnage
Learn every wound treatmentMiracle Worker
Apprehend Scorpion SaintOlder Brother
Discover the Saint family homePast Sins
Stop the rabies outbreakPatient Zero
Apprehend the Saints-Little GangPeace at Last
Camp at every locationProlific Camper
Open every Question Master boxRiddle Master
Solve every classroom riddleRiddle Ruler
Defeat the Snake Oil SalesmanSarsaparilla Shakes
Infiltrate the Widow's ParlorSoiled Dove
Defeat the School BusonSquirrel School
Defeat the SawbonesTake Two and Call Me in the Morning
Apprehend Burning CrowThe Fifth Sign
Escape Burning Crow's nightmareThe Nightmare Ends
Collect nearly every treasureTreasure Hunter
Achieve the highest rank in ImbuingWeaponsmith
Infiltrate the San Gonzalez MissionWooden Bed

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.