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Heaven's Vault


Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 44 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

Things will never be the same again...A Change of Heart
Discover something priceless - and keep it secretA Crowning Secret
A friend has found a place to hide.A Reunion
An ancient voiceA Voice from Stone
A new friend!Bought a Gecko
A spot of burglaryBreaking In
All things must come to an end...Complete the Game
Bring a new student to the UniversityEnrollment
An ancient Empress lies buried...Face to Face
A name from the past...Heaven's Vault?
What is this place...?Inside the Vault
Learn 20 WordsLanguage: Adept
Learn 3 WordsLanguage: Beginner
Learn 5 WordsLanguage: Fast Learner
Learn 1 WordLanguage: Initiate
Learn 30 WordsLanguage: Linguist
Learn 10 WordsLanguage: Scholar
Learn 50 WordsLanguage: Speaker of Ancient
New game plus!Looking Deeper
(no official description)Lost a Gecko
A moon of fresh air and pigsMaersi
Another robot to add to the collection...Meet Six
Meet a friendly scholarPeople: Huang
Meet a mechanicistPeople: Oroi
Meet a survivorPeople: Sya
Meet a thiefPeople: Tapi
Meet a bartenderPeople: Timor
Meet an injured labourerPeople: Yazi
Pilgrims are welcomePilgrim's Progress
A moon of deals and spicesRenaki
(no official description)Restored the Nebula
It's only business...Sold a Friend
Pay your last respectsThe Funeral
Seal the UniversityThe Gates of Iox
A legend from the Old SeaThe Old Sea
The pigs have something to say after all...The Wisdom of Swine
Completed 5 TranslationsTranslations: Decipherer
Completed 30 TranslationsTranslations: Discoverer of the Past
Completed 3 TranslationsTranslations: Reader
Completed 10 TranslationsTranslations: Reader of the Lost Marks
Completed 1 TranslationTranslations: Starter
Completed 20 TranslationsTranslations: Tomb Reader
(no official description)Vaulted

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.