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Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 84 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

Collect every accessoryAccessory Collector
Dodge 10 attacksAcrobat
Play the game for 3 hoursAddicted
Solve the Ancient Galaxy puzzleAncient Astronomer
Catch 50 fishAngler
Collect every artifactArtifact Collector
Craft 10,000 itemsArtisan
Have 5,000 items in your inventoryBig Hoarder
Have 3 bombs active at onceBomberman
Bottle 100 crittersBug Catcher
Open a skull chestChampion
Achieve every other featCompletionist
Build 200 structuresConstructor
Complete every museum bundleCurator
Dodge a lethal attackDaredevil
Complete the Fire TempleDemon Hunter
Kill 100 enemiesDestroyer
Dig up 50 itemsDigger
Complete every NPC questDiligent
Have 100 poop in your inventoryDisgusting
Help the DruidDruid Helper
Win the ice wizard challengeDuelist
Help the EngineerEngineer Helper
Find every secret roomEnlightened
Own 5 landsExpansionist
Talk to every NPCExtrovert
Help the Fairy QueenFairy Helper
Solve the Fire Galaxy puzzleFire Astronomer
Help the FoxFox Helper
Solve the Frozen Galaxy puzzleFrozen Astronomer
Have one of each gem in your inventoryGemologist
Help the GhostGhost Helper
Help the GoblinGoblin Helper
Eat a gemGourmand
Kill a magic deerGreedy
Plant 100 seedsHarvester
Have 1,000 items in your inventoryHoarder
Die 10 timesHopeless
Complete the Crystal CaveIce Breaker
Buy every landImperialist
Water 100 seedsIrrigator
Have 100 jelly in your inventoryJealous
Fail miserably at a trivia minigameJester
Shoot 100 arrowsMarksman
Build 20 structuresMason
Complete the museum Alchemy bundleMaster Alchemist
Complete the museum Archaeology bundleMaster Archaeologist
Complete the museum Building bundleMaster Builder
Complete the museum Cooking bundleMaster Chef
Complete the museum Farming bundleMaster Farmer
Complete the museum Foraging bundleMaster Forager
Complete the museum Mining bundleMaster Miner
Complete the museum Trapping bundleMaster Trapper
Have 1,000,000 coinsMillonaire
Mine the giant crystalMiner
Craft 2,000 coinsMint
Kill all giant beetsMonster
Perform a challenging blood ritualOccult
Help the Old ManOld People Helper
Complete the Skull MazePathfinder
Destroy 100 gravestonesPillager
Help the PrincessPrincess Helper
Use a bottled rainbowRainbuddy
Activate a droidRobotic
Gather royal steel or royal clothingRoyal
Collect every sealSeal Collector
Find 3 secret roomsSecret Finder
Kill an enemy with a single arrow shotSharpshooter
Learn every skillSkillful
Solve the Skull Galaxy puzzleSkull Astronomer
Craft 500 furnace itemsSmelter
Dig up an archaeology itemSpelunker
Kill 3 enemies or more with a single sword slashSwordmaster
Complete the Ancient TombTomb Raider
Collect every tool and weaponTool Collector
Have 10 max healthTough
Open 20 big treasure chestsTreasure Hunter
Open all big treasure chestsTreasure Master
Own 10 lands and 5,000 coinsTycoon
Complete a dungeon without taking damageUnscarred
Build on top of every water tileWaterproof
Have 100,000 coinsWealthy
Win the jackpot at a slot machineWinner
Help the WizardWizard Helper

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.