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Double Cross


Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 35 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

Discover the identity of Suspect X and solve the mystery.A Hollow Victory
Get Valery and Dash's full storyline.A Tale of Two Agents
Defeat the final boss with the Glass Cannon upgrade equipped.Ace the Test
Beat the final area without any equipment.All Skill
Save the hostages in Gootopia.Behind Bars
Talk to an arrested friend before the invasion.Best friend
Find enough evidence to locate and put Ripjaw away.Clever Girl
Recover the Pineapple Files from Hancho.Dealt a Tough Hand
Stop Ripjaw from terrorizing Reptarria.Dino-Might!
Defeat... yourself?Don't Beat Yourself Up
Complete Kaneda Boulevard Mission in 15:00.Funderdome Speed Demon I
Comeplete Tolmekia Palace Mission in 15:00.Funderdome Speed Demon II
Complete Slimy Mire Mission in 15:00.Gootopia Speed Demon I
Complete Goo Grotto Mission in 15:00.Gootopia Speed Demon II
Complete SPHERE Station Mission in 15:00.Gootopia Speed Demon III
Listen to gossip from 5 characters.Gossip
Find enough evidence to put Hancho away.Gotcha!
Reach the central computer in Tolmekia Palace before anyone knows you're there.I'm Invisible
Complete all of your missions except Funky's Arcadium without losing all of your health.Invincible Agent
Make someone lick the mysterious goo.Maitre
Show a love letter to at least 10 characters.Matchmaker
Defeat a boss using the fireball technique.Nice Shot!
Just finish your training. Easy.Really? A Commendation For This?
Help V"!!k}~X join the RIFT academy.Recruiter
Complete Firebrand Factory Mission in 15:00.Reptarria Speed Demon I
Complete Heavy Metal Oasis Mission in 15:00.Reptarria Speed Demon II
Complete Bone Crackle Canyon Mission in 15:00.Reptarria Speed Demon III
Find enough evidence to identify the culprit in Gootopia.Slimy Agent
Show Director DeLabourde 10 clues that she doesn't care about.Stop Wasting My Time
Get the top score in every game in Funky's Arcadium.The Wizard
Learn the ropes collecting clues and talking to other agents in RIFT.This too??
Earn all Commendations.Top Notch Agent
Discover the TRUE identity of Suspect X!Unmasked
Collect 57 out of 114 pieces of Upgradium.Upgradium Hunter
Find all 114 pieces of Upgradium.Upgradium Master

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.