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Jump Force


Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 50 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

Cleared Free Mission on Normal one or more times.A Full-Fledged Knight
Got S rank 10 or more times on Hard Free Missions.A Master Warrior
Got S rank 10 or more times on Normal Free Missions.A Natural Fighter
Obtained 50 or more abilities.Ability Master
Obtained 30 or more Ability Skills.Ability Skill Master
Raised an avatar above level 70 through battle.Aim for the Top
Cleared Chapter 4.An Insidious Plot
Got S rank 10 or more times on Expert Free Missions.Apex Fighter
Cleared Free Mission on Easy one or more times.Apprentice Warrior
Got S rank 10 or more times on Easy Free Missions.Apprenticeship Graduate
Cleared Free Mission on Very Hard one or more times.At the Zenith
Reached over 500 SP for acquiring Support Skills.Bonds of Friendship
Registered characters in all preset team slots.Building an Army
Challenged other players 10 or more times.Challenger
Used more than a total of 1,000,000 gold.Contributor
Cleared Chapter 7.Creation
Cleared Chapter 9.Darkness & Light
Obtained dropped items 10 or more times.Did Something Nice Happen?
Used emotions 100 or more times.Fanfare
Obtained 50 or more avatar outfit parts.Fashion Master
Obtained 50 or more J-SkillsJ-Skill Master
Obtained all achievements.Jump Force
Raised an avatar above level 10 through battle.Just Getting Warmed Up!
Obtained more than a total of 1,000,000 gold.King of Coin
Obtained dropped items 1000 or more times.Lucky Star
Earned more than 50 or more titles.Master of Titles
Got S rank 10 or more times on Very Hard Free Missions.Mastering Your Craft
Fought other players online 100 or more times.Our Bonds
Cleared 100 or more different Free Missions.Prospectus
Raised ten support characters above level 70 through battle.Reliable Companions
Cleared Chapter 5.Replicas
Cleared Free Mission on Hard one or more times.Seasoned Fighter
Cleared Chapter 1.Seeds of Evil
Obtained 50 or more Support Skills.Support Skill Master
Won ranked match one or more times.The Battle Begins
Cleared Extra Mission one or more times.The Battle of Your Dreams
Cleared Chapter 2.The Big Bad
Won friendly match one or more times.The Curtain Rises
Cleared Free Mission on Expert one or more times.The Frontiers of Battle
Reached over 1000 SP for acquiring Support Skills.The Fruits of Friendship
Cleared Chapter 3.The Mysterious Woman
Cleared Chapter 8.The Puppetmaster
Used 50 or more One-Use Items.The Spirit of Kinship
Cleared Chapter 6.The Twisted Entourage
Used emotions 10 or more timesThis Party Is Just Getting Started!
Fought other players online 30 or more times.Together We Fight
Raised ten support characters above level 10 through battle.Unite!
Performed upgrade at the Upgrade Counter one or more times.Upgrade Apprentice
Performed 50 or more upgrades at the Upgrade Counter.Upgrade Master
Used 10 or more One-Use Items.You Fight for your Friends

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.