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Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim



Press Enter and type in:

fill this bag10000 Gold
Give me powerAll Magic Spells
I'M A LOSER BABYAutomatically Lose
Victory is mineAutomatically Win
BUILD ANYTHINGConstruct Any Building
NOW YOU DIEDestroy any selectable target
FRAME ITFrame Rate?
grow upGain Levels Quickly
RESTORATIONHeal All Building/Units
revelationReveal Map
CHEEZY TOWERSSpells Without a Tower

Contributed By: Nintindo Gamer, Reign Of Fire, psouza4, Garibaldi84, and johnlawlerjr.

Spawn strong enemies

hit enter and type 'prepare to die'spawns rock golems and dragons at edges of map

Contributed By: Pyrophile.

Spawning cheat

To use the cheats simply press ''Enter'' and enter the cheat

HighlightedMakes the hero more powerful
Goblin rushSpawn all sorts of Goblins
Night of the living deadSpawn all sorts of Undeads

Contributed By: exarkunnn.


Royal Advisor sings

Press enter and after code is typed press enter agian to activate code

Planet FargoRoyal advisor will sing for a period of time

Contributed By: Suijin06.