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Tachyon: The Fringe


Cheat Mode with god mode, credits, etc.

Cheat mode:
Press 7 on the keypad to bring up the console window. Enter ''im a cheater'' to activate the cheat mode. Now you can use any of the following cheat codes:

quickeningActivates god mode
one million dollarsAdds 5000 credits
boom stickAllows you to buy any item when you return to the starbase
ragtagAllows you to buy any ship when you return to the starbase
kessel runEnhances your ship
come get someFull ammunition
dilithiumFull energy
say ahhOpen targeted gate
there is no spoonReturn to your starbase to complete mission

Contributed By: CorranH96.


Big bucks fast

When using the RAGTAG cheat, before launching, sell the 4 most expensive ships (IE all but Orion) and when you hit back, they'll reappear, but you'll still have the money from selling them.

Contributed By: spockjr.

Infinite Afterburner Speed

Boost speed to maxiumium using the afterburner, then hold down 'Q' (the slide key) then let go of the afterburner to continue in the same direction at the same speed without draining power. Note: This disrupts the game flow, as many missions can easily be accomplished without fighting.

Contributed By: Sharky 007.


Instant Recharge on Lasers + Torpedoes

(This cheat is really only useful when flying GalSpan).

Torpedoes are great, but they take a really long time to recharge. Same for the Deimos Heavy Laser.

To bypass this, just hit the ''pause'' key. (Literally... Pause/Break above the arrow keys.) Everything will stop, but your torpedoes and lasers will recharge. Note: This is not the Laser Reserves, but the waiting time until they can fire again.

Contributed By: J. Baker.