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Homeworld: Cataclysm


Command Line Codes

To work these codes, right-click on your Homeworld2 shortcut. Go to where it says Target, and type in the code to achieve the stated effect.

/10241024x768 Resolution
/12801280x1024 Resolution
/d1616-bit Colours
/16001600x1200 Resolution
/d24 24-bit Colours
/d3636-bit Colours
/640640x480 Resolution
/d88-bit Colours
/800800x600 Resolution
/textfeedbackAll feedback you recieve is stored in a text file in the main HW2 directory
/boxesAll ships become boxier
/forceLANAllows you to play a LAN game with other versions
/disableAVIAuto-skips all cutscenes
/determcompplayerComputer players are more determined - makes for harder matches
/debugDebug mode - useful after a crash
/nodebugIntDisables 3rd Mode Error
/noretreatDisables AI retreat tactics
/noSpeechDisables all voices
/noFilterDisables bi-linear Filters
/captaincyLogOffDisables end-of-match text reports
/NoFETexturesDisables front-end textures
/disableKatmaiDisables KNI
/logOffDisables Multiplayer Logs
/noSmoothDisables polygon smoothing - may improve game performace
/nohintDisables the hints from the SM
/disablePackingDisables the packed textures
/niltexturesDisables wallpapers
/noborderDisables window borders
/noCompPlayersEliminates all CPU players
/slowblitsEnables slow screen blips
/statlogonEnables the Stats text files - use in conjunction with the above cheat.
/captaincyLogOnEnables the text files after a battle
/logOnEnables the text files after a multiplayer match
/logonverboseEnables verbose logging files
/smCentreCameraFocuses the camera at the center of the map when Home is pressed
/glForces OpenGL
/gatherstatsGathers statistics
/heap (x)Global memory size heap setter - set (x) to a number - in MB
/lightlinesLight lines are shown in debug mode
/aiplayerlogLogs AI player data in text files
/logfileloadsLogs data files loaded
/intonsyncMakes an integer 3 when a sync. error occurs
/testNISNIS testing
/testnisscriptNIS testing using the SCRIPT files
/noBGNo backgrounds are shown
/waveout Output converted to WAV
/noMinimiseOverrides Alt+Tab command when process is running
/overridebigfileOverrides BIG files - for mods
/demoplayPlays a demo
/packetplayPlays packet recordings
/demorecordRecords a demo - used in conjunction with the above cheat
/debugsyncRecords packets and auto-saves frequently
/packetrecordRecords packets during multiplayes skirmishes - used in conjunction with the above cheat
/swResets renderers to default settings
/reversestereoReverses stereo- Left becomes Right and vice versa
/ignorebigfilesSame as above
/cdpath x:\ pathSets path to CD - x is name of CD drive
/prepath x:\pathSets path to open files - x is name of drive
/noshowdamageShips will not show damage effects
/docklinesShows docking lines - is on by default
/gunlinesShows the target line - is on by default
/fullscreenStarts the game in a full screen - is on by default
/windowStarts the game in a window
/stippleStipples renderer alpha
/closeCaptionedSubtitled Cutscenes
/noPauseThe game will not be auto-paused when Alt+Tab or the WinKey is pressed.
/forcekatmaiUse KNI
/truecolourUses 24-bit colour with sharper rendering
/d3dUses direct 3D
/dsoundUses direct sound driver
/device (sw|fx|d3d)Uses RGL device

Contributed By: Luigi and Tails.