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Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel


Duplicate Items (v1.13 only)

The first time you go to a random encounter, drop everything you can and leave. Then come back pick up all the stuff and leave again. Come back to the encounter and all the stuff you dropped will still be on the ground ready to be picked up again so now you have twice as much. Use as many times as you want no matter what you do the stuff will always be there. Only the stuff you dropped the first time you went there will reappear so dont come back and drop more stuff you'll just lose it.

Contributed By: americasarmy.

Increase Weapon Skills while Driving

To avoid getting a penalty to your weapons skills and upgrading it instead while driving, set all your squad members to the prone posistion and make them crawl into the vehicle.

Contributed By: Anonymous.


Obtain New Recruits

In order to unlock the special recruits, you need to either perform something in a mission or enter a special encounter.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Do not kill the Deathclaw matriach. Free her and let her kill the leader of the Beastlord's.Deathclaws
Protect the Ghoultown in "Quincy" from the Beastlord attack and rescue Elliot's brother.Ghouls
Talk to him with five or less SquadmembersPipBoy
Obtain the special encounter "The Brothers Grimm" on the world map and heal Joe Grimm's leg.The Grimm Brothers

Contributed By: Anonymous and BakaUnlimited30.

Unlock Riddick

Find the special encount "Pitch Black" and either kill all the deathclaws and let Riddick exit, or walk/crawl to the exit with him, you can now recruit Riddik.

Contributed By: Irish_Invasion.

Easter Eggs

Alternate credits

Hold down the Ctrl key and click on credits. You will see a different credits page, different form the one when you hold down Shift.

Contributed By: Atomic Wedgie.

Comments from creator

To see comments wrote by the creator of this game,hold shift key and click on credit.

Contributed By: RayKnight.

Even More Developer Quotes

In Bunker Gamma, at the vehicle depot, go to the last locker on the right and lockpick it open to find the "Strange Papers" containing even more developer quotes. Click it once to read it in the item status screen.

Contributed By: Anonymous.


1000 Extra Dollars to Start.

When you start a new game select ''Create'' for your character. Use one of your tags on traps. When you start the game you will have three Anti-Personal mines and a Genric Dorr Charge like device. After finishing the first level go to the military base you can sell these for just over 1000 dollars.

Contributed By: The Grim Sleeper.

30000 Ring Pulls

When you get the random encounter ''Brahmin Poker'' sneak up on them with your best two guys. Right click on them until you have killed them all after this simply click on the table and you will find about 30000 Ring Pulls.

Contributed By: The Grim Sleeper.

Bonus Mission--Springfield

Find the file ''bos.cfg'' in the game's 'core' directory (default location is C:Program Files14 Degrees EastFallout Tacticscore). The file is created the first time you start the game, so if you don't see it just start the game and exit to create it. Open it using Notepad and find the line ''{misc.bonusMission} = {false}'' (minus quotes). Simply change ''{false}'' to ''{true}'' (again, minus quotes) and save the file. Now you'll be able to play the Springfield mission. You need to do this BEFORE leaving Bunker Beta after "Mardin".

Contributed By: endless7.

X2 To Lockpick Skill

To double your lockpicking skill,equip two lockpick in each hand and your lockpick skill will increase.

Contributed By: RayKnight.