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The Settlers: Fourth Edition


Cheat Codes

To activate the codes press enter and type !wqsa or !ympq then press any of the following to get their corresponding effect;

!loseLose the level
!incrMore resources
!winWin the level

Contributed By: p1r4t8r.

Cheats for Version 2.50.1516

Open the chat menu in game and type the following:

!incubation2Activates the cheats
Num Pad 4, 5, 6Increases the game speed even further than previously
!winWins the level

Contributed By: andrewdodd13.


How To Unlock Cheat Menus

Just type in the game to bring up Cheat Menus (This is for diffrent models)

!hannetorbenCheat Menu- 2.04.1090 version
!wqsaCheat Menu- Original Version
!ympqCheat Menu- Version 1.2-1.4
!mklopCheat Menu- Version 1.5 - 2.00

Contributed By: mslpanthers.


Speed up gameplay time

During gameplay press F12 to speed up gametime for 1 minute.

Contributed By: Split Infinity.