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Hexen II


Cheat Codes

Press ~ to bring up the console, then enter these codes:

notargetActivates invisibility
impulse 25Activates Tome of Power
impulse 23Activates torch lighting
sv_friction [value]Adjusts Friction
sv_gravity [value]Adjusts gravity
impulse 43All Items
impulse 9All Weapons and Mana
impulse 41Boost Experience Points
changelevel [level name]Change level
name [new name]Changes your name
noclipClipping OFF
crosshair 1Crosshair
impulse 39Fly Mode
impulse 36Freezes Enemies
give h [value]Get ### health
impulse 299Get 20 of each artifact
give [weapon number]Get specific weapon
impulse 107Invisibility
impulse 40Level Up Once
+mlookLook With the Mouse
impulse 35No Monsters
restartRestarts the level
impulse 14Sheep Mode
chase_active 1Switch to 3rd person view
impulse 37Unfreezes Enemies

Contributed By: The Vic Viper, arit3, drxia00, and TravisBr.