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EVE Online

News Articles from GameSpot

You Can Now Help Find Real-World Exoplanets In EVE Online 07/12/17
EVE Online's Ascension Will Be Much More Than A Free-To-Play Update 11/16/16
Eve Online Goes Free-to-Play as New Expansion Launches 11/15/16
EVE: Valkyrie PlayStation VR Launch Trailer 10/06/16
EVE Online Going Free-to-Play 08/31/16
Play These Two Games for Free on Steam This Weekend 08/19/16
Play This Game for Free on Steam This Weekend 05/05/16
EVE Online - Development Update for Fall 2015-Spring 2016 10/05/15
EVE Online Dev Making New Space Shooter for Gear VR 08/03/15
Eve Online Raising Money for Nepal Earthquake Relief 05/01/15
Eve Online - This is Eve Trailer 11/22/14
This Amazing EVE Online Trailer Shows Why the MMO Is Still Popular 11/22/14
GS News Update: EVE Developer Closes San Francisco Office, Two Key Execs Leave 08/28/14
EVE Online - In-Development: The Crius Release 07/21/14
EVE Online Developer CCP Lays Off 49 06/05/14
Reality Check - What is the Biggest Game in the World? 05/22/14
Reality Check - What Makes Hardcore Fans So Hardcore? 05/08/14
Read all about EVE Online in upcoming book 04/26/14
EVE Online developer cancels vampire MMO World of Darkness 04/14/14
Reality Check - Could Gaming Level-up your Social Life? 04/03/14
Gamers are not anti-social basement dwellers, study finds 03/28/14
Reality Check - Eve Online Epic Battle Science 02/09/14
Why EVE Online's developer and Oculus are publishing a game together 02/06/14
'Gaming's most destructive battle' in EVE Online caused $300,000 in damages 02/01/14
Win EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition! 12/19/13
EVE developers will get tattoos and shave heads for Philippines relief campaign 11/27/13
EVE Online Review: 8 / 10 11/26/13
EVE Online community donates to Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts 11/24/13
EVE: Valkyrie announced for Oculus Rift 08/20/13
EVE Online: Odyssey - Official Trailer 06/04/13
No customer data compromised in Eve Online/Dust 514 attack 06/03/13
EVE Online: Odyssey - The Features (In Development) 05/31/13
EVE Online crosses 500,000 subscribers 02/28/13
EVE Online - Fanfest 2013 Trailer 01/31/13
EVE Online: Retribution - Launch Trailer 12/04/12
New Releases: December 2nd - 8th 11/30/12
EVE Online: Retribution - In Development 11/30/12
EVE Online: Retribution - New Destroyers and Ship Balancing 11/30/12
EVE Online: Retribution Overview 10/11/12
EVE Online - Fan Fest 2012 Trailer 09/24/12
Dust 514 - PS3 exclusivity and hardcore level interview 09/21/12
Sink or Swim: Markets and Money in Online Games 09/06/12
GameSpot Reports: Leveless MMOs 08/20/12
Crosshairs: MoH Warfighter, The Old Republic, Leveless MMOs 08/02/12
EVE Online: Inferno - E3 2012 Recap Video 06/15/12
EVE Online: Inferno Launch Trailer 05/22/12
Awakening - EVE Online Trailer 02/17/12
EVE Online - CDIA Files Pilot Orientation Video 02/07/12
EVE Online: Crucible Launch Trailer 11/30/11
New subscription-based games a flawed strategy - CCP dev 10/20/11
Start/Select - EVE Online studio cutbacks! BioShock Infinite bosses! 10/20/11
Eve Online dev laying off 100+ 10/19/11
Microtransaction missteps in Eve Online 10/10/11
From Halo to hardback 07/22/11
Eve Online, Minecraft, more hit by LulzSec 06/14/11
Spotlight On - EVE Online (Incursion and Other Updates) 01/19/11
Shippin' Out Nov. 28-Dec. 4: Epic Mickey, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn 11/29/10
EVE Online: Incursion Official Trailer 11/23/10
How to run a massively multiplayer game 10/08/10
League of Legends tops Game Developers Choice Online Awards 10/07/10
Shippin' Out May 23-29: Super Mario Galaxy 2 05/26/10
Shippin' Out May 16-22: Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, Prince of Persia 05/16/10
EVE Online: Tyrannis Official Trailer 1 05/06/10
Spotlight On - Eve Online and Tyrannis 04/27/10
Spotlight On - Eve Online Progress Report, Dust 514 Discussion 03/12/10
EVE Online: Dominion Official Trailer 1 12/03/09
David Perry demos Gaikai game streaming 07/01/09
EVE Online dev readying new project 06/10/09
Eve Online turns 6, subs hit 300,000 05/06/09
GDC 2009: EVE Online Progress Report 03/28/09
Study: MMOG revs top $1.4 billion in 2008 03/24/09
Little Big Planet tops AIAS noms 01/23/09
Start/Select 12/12/08 12/12/08
Atari talks online, partnerships 12/02/08
Eve Online goes to retail with Atari 11/10/08
Psychiatrist: WOW addiction more shameful than porn 06/10/08
Q&A: Stargate Worlds MMORPG team 05/15/08
11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards - Part 7 02/08/08
Eve Online Trinity breaks PCs 12/06/07
Latest EVE Online expansion dated 11/29/07
EVE Online: Revelations II Official Movie 1 10/24/07
EVE Online heads down South 10/03/07
PAX '07: Overcoming the online griefer 08/25/07
Q&A: EVE Online's Hilmar Petursson 08/16/07
Daily Downloads: Revelations redux 06/20/07
Q&A: CCP's Nathan Richardsson 01/11/07
Denmark faces dev skills shortage 12/14/06
EVE Online: Revelations Official Trailer 1 12/06/06
EVE Online: Revelations Video Feature Part 2 12/04/06
Study: One in nine MMOG players addicted 11/28/06
EVE Online: Revelations Video Feature Part 1 11/20/06
CCP and White Wolf merge 11/13/06
EVE Online hits China, breaks record 06/13/06
EVE Online: 100,000 served 02/07/06
EVE Online reaches 70,000 subscribers 09/23/05
EVE Online: Exodus Official Trailer 2 09/14/05
Virtual goods, real scams 09/12/05
EVE Online expands into Cold War 06/29/05
Industry responds to tsunami disaster 01/11/05
EVE Online: Exodus releases November 17 11/03/04
EVE Online reaches subscriber milestone 09/15/04
EVE to be bundled with cable modem services 07/28/03
EVE Online: The Second Genesis Movie 8 06/13/03
EVE Online - Launch Review: 6 / 10 06/13/03
EVE Online: The Second Genesis E3 2003 Preshow Report 05/12/03
EVE Online ships 05/06/03
Hands-on: EVE Online 04/23/03
EVE: The Second Genesis goes gold 04/23/03
EVE: The Second Genesis Preview 04/07/03
EVE enters final phases of beta testing 03/26/03
New EVE release date 03/05/03
EVE: The Second Genesis Trailer 2 01/15/03
EVE enters new beta phase 11/13/02
EVE moves to 2003, adds sign-ups 10/03/02
EVE: The Second Genesis Preview 08/22/02
Gen Con 2002: EVE: The Second Genesis impressions 08/09/02
Simon & Schuster picks up Eve 03/25/02
New screens: EVE 08/30/01
EVE: The Second Genesis beta sign-ups 08/14/01
New media: Eve: Second Genesis 07/11/01
New EVE screens 03/22/01
New EVE screens 01/22/01
EVE: The Second Genesis Screenshots 12/14/00
New EVE Screens 11/07/00
EVE: The Second Genesis Movie 10/12/00